The “Wholesome Medicine” of Barak Obama

By Jeffrey A. Ziegler
President SGI

Once again President Barak Obama has filled the nation’s airwaves with whining pontifications on the so-called healthcare crises. From his 2008 campaign to the present “healthcare summit” the same libertine dribble of state-run solutions to non-existent problems have belched from the belly of Obama’s leftist radicals. That the cost of healthcare continues to rise has little to do with any crises of market influences, but instead stems from the Fed’s original suppression of free enterprise in the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, and its resultant cost-shifting Ponzi schemes, derailed innovations, and the combined financial choke-hold these programs have had on American medicine. I’ll pen more on that foundational mess in a future article.

For this missive, my concern focuses on Obama decrying the so-called “religious right” for attacking “traditional, wholesome and constructive institutions” such as Planned Parenthood. This “attack” was in response to pro-life groups throughout the nation voicing concern that Planned Parenthood along with other pro-abortion groups were invited to the “Healthcare Summit” while not a single pro-life organization was invited to the same. That this unfortunate decision was made by Obama comes as no surprise. Yet Obama, in defense of his decision has had the temerity to deem Planned Parenthood as a “traditional, wholesome, and constructive” organization. This declaration is at the same time both strange and perverse.

For indeed Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an unabashed racist and urged the forced sterilization of “Jews, Blacks, and Europeans of Eastern and Mediterranean ancestry.” Additionally, Sanger advocated the complete overthrow of traditional families and “the enslaving institution of marriage.” In the political realm, Sanger’s views ran to anarchy and her depraved admiration for Adolph Hitler is well documented. Today, Planned Parenthood follows the legacy of Sanger as the foremost champion of abortion worldwide. Witness the organizations shameless fawning over Red China’s tyrannical, forced sterilization policies, and the promotion of partial-birth abortion in America.

Ergo, following the convoluted logic of President Obama, social-Darwinistic racism, despotic forced sterilization, killing unborn babies, political tyranny, and other eugenic-based policies are now “traditional and wholesome.” Obama’s values, without moral, constitutional, or historic validity, must in his view, have a vigorous defense from the advance of orthodox Christianity through the creation of straw-man arguments and a redefinition of reality according to his deviant paradigm.

The President clumsily attempts to legitimize and mainstream his statist and liberal views under the aegis of traditional American values. He knows that eugenics, the extermination of his own race (over 60% of abortions are African-Americans) and coercive-rationed healthcare are not marketable ideas. Hence, Obama resorts to subtlety and subterfuge to posture himself as a benign centrist. This less than honest approach has outraged, angered, and brought many who voted for him to near revolutionary fervor and rightfully so. However, in the Democratic left: Obama is not unique! Leftist handlers “preach just enough Americanism to keep the middle-class happy” and use their unsuspecting blue-collar base as a platform for political radicalism. Meanwhile the same ideologues ready the “hammer and sickle” for every health care delivery system throughout the United States.

So while outrage at Obamas’ anti-orthodox, anti-family, and anti-American views is legitimate, one must turn such frustration into long-term, cogent, and articulate activism in order to challenge and repulse his skewed world-view. Political, social, and philosophical apostates like Obamanation always crash and burn in time and history. Witness: Stalin, Mao, Hitler etc.

The President’s latest health summit proves once again his contempt for “all things pertaining to life and Godliness.” In fact, Obama’s worldview is a true rival of our Constitutional Republic and could be viewed as a new religion of tyranny. Judged by his rhetoric, Obamaism places the state as god, holds humanistic utilitarianism as its doctrine, places institutional health care as its sanctuary, and venerates abortion as the new sacrament. Such religions have fallen many an empire and left unchecked will mean the death of America.


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