The “Wholesome Medicine” of Barak Obama PART II – Taking on CMS

Jeffrey A. Ziegler President: SGI


Once again President Barak Obama has filled the nation’s airwaves with whining pontifications on the so-called healthcare crises. From his 2008 campaign to the present “healthcare summit” the same libertine dribble of state-run solutions to non-existent problems have belched from the belly of Obama’s leftist radicals. That the cost of healthcare continues to rise has little to do with any crises of market influences, but instead stems from the Fed’s original suppression of free enterprise in the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, and its resultant cost-shifting Ponzi schemes, derailed innovations, and the combined financial choke-hold these programs have had on American medicine. As former President Bush often stated, “ … Instead of bureaucrats, trial lawyers, and HMOs, we must put doctors, and nurses, and patients back in charge of American medicine.” We certainly agree! Unfortunately the current Obama-era regime at CMS (Center for Medicare Services) not only falls far short of these lofty ideals but is working to increase the size of CMS while stripping medical choice from rank and file consumers. The reach of CMS is surpassed only by the combined elements of the Pentagon!

The Economic “Big Picture”

Medicare is the greatest engine driving up the cost of healthcare! The problem with Medicare (CMS) is its sheer size and insulation from market forces. Alone, Medicare (CMS) comprises 49% of the entire US healthcare industry. (Under Obama CMS will grow to encompass all US healthcare!) CMS is among the least efficient of government agencies. It is often joked that the agency is the last refuge for former East German bureaucrats. Now if this were a privately owned concern, competition would eventually curb such inefficient behavior. But Medicare is big government! Their bad conduct, procedures, and policies are among the chief reasons for the escalating health care costs facing the nation! When you consider that the first wave of baby-boomers are now entering the system (2008) government dominance of healthcare will be out of control! (With or without Obamaism)

Remember that Medicare is an agency built on artificial pricing schemes and cost shifting and lags woefully behind in payment to doctors and providers. Additionally, when Medicare actually does get around to paying the providers, it has been doing so at ever decreasing rates (4-5% per year). Results? More and more providers are simply opting out of treating Medicare cases or real cost is passed on to non-Medicare business silos. For patients this means less access to healthcare and more cost. But now Obama wishes to bloat CMS into an ever increasing draconian master by coercively forcing all Americans into an already cancerous Leviathan. The results? As one surgeon remarked Medicare is not about healthcare but instead killing off the actuarially non-viable. In other words rationed care, less physician access, and no patient choice! The future for the elderly ill? “Hey, you’re going to die anyway . . . NO TREATMENT!”

Operation WHITECOAT Objectives:

Since 2005 we have worked with many patriotic and caring physicians to bring real market solutions to the nation. Dubbed OPERATION WHITECOAT our physicians are working to repulse the fascist solutions of state run healthcare!

We are working to gain an affirmative commitment and assent from CMS for non-risk Physician-Patient-Technology demonstrations that are driven by the true cost of the market and lay the ground-work for the outsourcing of the entire claim management system of Medicare. Second, we are advocating the development of a fast-pay system for the provider community coupled to real-time claims processing, fraud detection and predictive risk management. Third, we advocate for a consumer-choice benefit plan that shifts Medicare authority away from Federal control to regional, private entities. Fourth, our Provider Team WHITECOAT forms the nucleus for other providers to join with us in an ongoing effort. Finally, work toward a market driven, privatized CMS model. In other words OPERATION WHITECOAT and SGI are on a collision course with healthcare FASCISM!

What Operation WHITECOAT Doctors Represent

1. Deployment of a Fast Pay System
2. Reduction in CMS Administrative Costs and Development of Privatized Models
3. National Political Clout
4. Platform for Tort Reform
5. National Media Voice
6. Access to The White House and leading Senate and House members
7. Involvement in the Process to change CMS policy and Reduce Government Percentage of Health Economy
8. Creation of an Activistic Physician Movement with Cogent Leading Edge Ideas
9. Positive Pro-life, Pro-family Solutions

What Operation WHITECOAT Doctors Achieve Long Term

1. Developing regional CMS models and Eventual Market-Driven Models
2. Disengaging the Leviathan of Government from Healthcare
3. Lowering Costs and Increasing Reimbursements
4. Breaking the CMS Market Monopoly
5. Incentivizing the Best and Brightest to return to Healthcare
6. Greater Physician Political Prowess! (There’s a big difference between a protester and a policy maker!)
7. Greater Healthcare Choices
8. More Healthcare Dollars spent on Treatment
9. Rebuffing Cynical Defeatist Ideals through Concrete Measurable Successes
10. Ushering in a new “Golden Era” of Ethical Strapping American Healthcare

With doctors in the lead, once again SGI stands as the vanguard to repulse the national power grab of the Obama minions. Below you will find that Rep. Ron Paul kicked us off for our inaugural efforts. With men like Ron Paul we guarantee a fight all the way to the White House!


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