SGI To Deliver Proclamation in Person at the White House on April 15th!


On April 15th, while thousands rally across the nation in TEA PARTY tax protests, SGI will be delivering our imprecatory prayer proclamation to the White House. The Proclamation published often in our newsletters is Augustinian in nature and was often utilized by clergy and civil magistrates to rebuff tyrannical and unjust rulers. The Proclamation is signed by 300 Catholic, Protestant, and Independent leaders from across the nation. The Proclamation declares blessings for righteous actions and negative sanctions for miscreant behavior. Specific planks in The Proclamation deal positively with life, liberty and property and negatively with President Obama’s promotion of state sponsored abortion and homosexuality.

We will meet with the White House Office of Faith Based Initiatives. There is also an effort to have the President appear for a 2 minute photo opportunity. To read The Proclamation in its entirety log on to and please join with us in prayer! Pray for SGI President Jeff Ziegler, SGI board members Gary Humble, Ken Allen, Dr. Edwin Hissa, Rev. Bruce Moore, and Rev. Rusty Thomas as they deliver “the goodness and severity of God” to President Barak Obama.

Kingdom Foundations of Success

By Thomas Beresford Vice-President TES INC.

Our discussion speaks to elemental economic motivations, with Capitalism as the reasonable choice for Freedom and prosperity. This seems fitting in lieu of the current administration and economic landscape based on debt and fiat currency. However, to address such issues presupposes an understanding that is radically and entirely Christian.

The Fundamental

Business, economics, and entrepreneurship are terms inseparable from the notion of “covenant cause and effect thinking.” They also are terms inescapable from all of mankind, proceeding well beyond commerce in scope and application, and having everything to do with dominion and man’s innate drive towards mastery whether secular or godly. If one understands the Covenant (promise-contract), dominion (drive-motivation) and responsibility (application) as foundational functions therein, then tangible results and outcomes can be both expected and planned for.

Outcomes or economic gains are used to advance one of two Kingdoms – this is a constant principle and no one is exempt. The secularist uses his gains to support and advance a humanistic kingdom to govern his affairs, and that of fallen men. The secularist kingdom seeks to enslave men and promote a morally relativistic agenda based on the whims of unregenerate social engineers. His support comes primarily in the form of excessive taxation upon labor; which by definition is tyrannical in nature, having its foundation in rebellious man and coercion. In this system, mankind finds his labor grievous and devoid of purpose and meaning. In turn he criticizes the government that he imposed on himself as “parasitic” for it evolves into an all-powerful force with the ability to take away everything. The secular businessman then takes to vice as the logical cope for his frustration in meaningless labor and government oppression. This in turn only increases the size and power of the depraved kingdom in that it now must deal with increased “vice.” To be sure, increase comes but so does increased despair. The Preacher/Writer of Ecclesiastes: is on point when he decries what pleasure is there to work and make increase only to give the empire away to a relative upon death. Will the relative be responsible with the increase? The Preacher declares in sober language, it is vanity.

In juxtaposition, regenerate man uses his gains to support and advance the Kingdom of God. He understands a Code was given outside of or apart from man to best govern him and also declare the nature of the Law Giver, the Triune God. He knows the Code or Laws were provided by the One who knows him intimately because the Law Giver was also the Creator. His support of God’s Kingdom comes in the form of the tithe as set in the Code. The tithe is not a burden but a joyous act of worship. It is a means to love his fellow man with a purpose. It empowers his freedom to expand in commerce and benevolence and encourages an economic system of competition, and caters to man’s dominion urge or “drive.” It promotes remunerations that are secured by the family and built on for generations with the end purpose of a godly global society with wealth, purpose, freedom, peace and love.

The Practical Principles for Dominion

The idea of dominating the competition is clearly stated throughout Scripture. Time nor space provides adequate opportunity to address each principle. That said, below are a few commercial absolutes that God decrees in His “cause and effect” world:

1. No work on the Sabbath! This sounds archaic and certainly not plausible in a highly competitive market. In a humanistic sense (kingdom of man), working 7 days provides an additional day of commerce to capture gains. God forbids it! But Sabbath is also a gift of grace to mankind to rest his animals, machinery and mental exercises in order to demonstrate trust and faith in Him that He Himself will provide miraculously. The physical benefits of such rest are enormous! To work the Sabbath is to deny God’s Grace and brings long-term physical harm to man.

2. Tithing! God expects a tenth and the first fruits of everything — the best and “number one” of his work. Giving God what is His shows His position as Sovereign and Provider. The tithe is to be gathered by the Church and dispensed for welfare, remunerations for ministry and continuing education. Beyond this obligation God has promised to “rebuke” the devourer as a reward for fidelity to this command.

3. Benevolent Giving! This is over and above the Tithe. God expects and rewards those who seek out the needs of the poor and facilitates their welfare. These efforts are personal and far superior to a welfare state both in effect and personal responsibility.

These fundamental understandings were once commonplace throughout America and provided a “rhyme and reason” for our colonial existence. Unfortunately, such a principled understanding is not commonplace anymore and this “silence” has happened by intent. How have our pulpits and educational systems ceased from teaching these basic tenants? What have they been replaced with? What are the ends of these humanistic designs? More to come!


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