By Jeff Ziegler President SGI

From the cancellation of presidential involvement in The National Day of Prayer; to the infamous Notre Dame speech comprised of antichristian subtlety and subterfuge, President Barack Obama has proven his virulent disdain for all things pertaining to life and godliness.

With hell-bent fervor coupled to unbounded hubris, Obama continues his now weekly, frenzied attacks against Christian-American traditions and the bedrock ideals ensconced in our Declaration of Independence, chiefly “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

In the context of The National Day of Prayer; Obama overthrew 57 years of presidential observance by cancelling all White House acknowledgement or public proclamation. His self-righteous response to inquiries regarding his bizarre actions in the NDP matter gyrated around his stated wish to pray in “private.” While no one at SGI would be critical of private prayer; the fact that Obama saw himself as above the public commitment of Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush is beyond arrogance! In a conventional political sense these actions would be seen as incredibly stupid and an unnecessary alienation of the Christian voting-block. But Obama is not stupid! He is very savvy indeed! Hence what we now witness is a deliberate, pre-meditated, and dastardly attack against the last vestiges of Christian influences in our government. Obama has calculated that the risk of doing so will not have fatal political consequences thus meeting his goal of cementing a fascistic-humanist regime without resistance.

Most disturbing are the “fellow-travelers” who name the name of Christ yet who lend aid and comfort to an agenda that will eventually destroy them in detail. Witness the efforts of Notre Dame which as an institution is supposed to stand for the defense of the unborn, yet gave esteemed platform to Obama’s pro-death, pro-abortion schemes. Obama spoke of a mythical “middle- ground” regarding abortion and declared that “people of good conscience” can disagree with civility on the issue. To guilt-ridden, pietistic, peace at all costs saints who hate nothing more than conflict, such mushy sentimentality seemed rationale and palatable. Yet there exists no middle ground as a butchers’ scalpel punctures the skull of an unborn baby. Where is the neutral ground in baby killing? How can a good conscience exist when it comes to the slaughter of the innocent? Yet Obama gets away with such rubbish because far too many “Christians” sacrifice principle for acceptance, a numbed conscience for guilt, and a conflicted intellectual self-absorption for moral clarity!

The staff at SGI experienced the Obama antagonism toward Christianity when we personally delivered our imprecatory prayer proclamation to the White House on April 15th. So we are not surprised at his unyielding attack posture concerning the Faith. What is troubling to us are the gullible minions of the Church who value Obama’s rhetorical magic show over his heinous deeds. What it will take to wake up the vast majority of those who name the name of Christ remains a mystery. But it will take more than outrage to combat Obama’s offensive. That’s why SGI was formed. To help you think critically as a Christian and equip you with the ideas and principles to influence and restore a distinctly Christian culture to America. Next week we will announce a new way in which you can help us spread the word so stay tuned! We’re not going away nor giving up.

Together we will yet see a new golden era of a righteous America standing as a beacon to the rest of the world.


By Jeff Ziegler


To date over 4,000 Americans have died fighting in Iraq since 2003. An additional 700 have perished in Afghanistan over the same time period. Each of these losses represent a grieving family, a life cut short, and a potential never realized. Yet despite the inhuman, dishonorable, fanaticism of the Islamic foe; our casualties, however regrettable are still significantly few in comparison to past conflicts. Perspective must be kept in this regard lest we soften against an Islamic enemy which is armed with advanced weaponry and in some cases boasts nuclear armaments. The specter of hundreds of thousands of Americans dead must never be far from us in the nuclear age!

Perspective must also be kept in defining Iraq and Afghanistan in historic terms. Many constitutionalists as well as liberals have argued that no constitutional justification for combat in either country exits. They assert that both engagements were waged ad hoc by the Bush administration. Yet this is an outright falsehood. Congress authorized both theatres of combat. And that is the point! One that is missing in the whole debate! The war is being waged against Jihadist elements of Islam. Iraq and Afghanistan are simply theatres of the conflict. In WWII the congress declared war against Japan and reciprocated when Hitler declared war on us. HOWEVER congress did not authorize or approve each and every theatre of combat. There was no “Tarawa resolution” or “North Africa bill.” WWII saw our forces fighting in every corner of the world. Separate resolutions were not needed then, nor are they needed now.

One could legitimately debate the strategy of fighting in Iraq just as historians have debated whether or not the Italian campaign of WWII was a wise use of military resources. Yet each theatre was then and is now part of the ONE war. That Bush and Obama have failed to communicate this reality has given birth to a wide range of unnecessary rancor and conspiracy theories. Without perspective we will lose the will to fight an implacable enemy that seeks the eradication of all that we have and all that we are as a people. That would be the chief immorality, to allow our sons and daughters to live under Islamic tyranny. That is an ominous future that must be combated at all costs!

BATTLE PORTFOLIO – The cost of freedom!

MARINES AT TARAWA ATOLL – 3,100 casualties in 3 days.

BATTLE OF THE BULGE – 60,000 casualties in 6 weeks

KOREAN WAR – 53,000 dead in 2 and 1/2 years

VIETNAM WAR – 57,000 dead 1964 – 1975

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