FREEDOM – Form and Function

By Pastor Thomas Beresford

On August 12, our President awarded the highest civilian honor to those who are given praise and recognition for their civil accomplishments. The honor is entitled, “The Presidential medal of Freedom” and was originally initiated by former President Harry Truman recognizing civilian efforts during WWII.

Over time, historic recipients have included Harvey Milk – homosexual political activist from San Francisco, Billy Jean King – a lesbian icon and a certain socialistic politician by the name of Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy. When the highest ranking official and representative (The President), voted into office by the majority of Americans, bestows Freedom medals on those who frankly, repulse God in form and function, then certainly a reconsideration of freedom is in order. Now it is high time to ponder afresh the nature, understanding, and application of Freedom in the formal sense.

Think on it! What does “freedom” and a rump wrangling San Fran political activist have in common? NOTHING! The two are fundamentally at odds. The one enslaves as a vice and but freedom always releases. When the President decorated Ted Kennedy with a badge to praise his socialistic career in the Senate, one must ask; what congruity exists with his voting record and policies as related to the ideal of freedom? Unless an understanding of the term is grasped and soon, “Freedom” will be lost in nature, scope and application. Only obscure scraps will remain. It is my intent to blow a freedom horn in a moral and ethically calloused society. That, in and of itself, is no small task in a culture riddled with license, numbing affluence, and distracting entertainment.

For the most part, consciences have been grotesquely seared and often times that which is repulsive is glanced over. That said, think again on what the President did! The leader of the “free world” is pinning freedom badges on perverts and socialists and the populace is seemingly unmoved! Freedom has been obscured and cheapened by these brazen acts of the ACORN bought President.

In modern statist cultures (any culture not governed by God’s absolutes), freedom changes in nature as does the tolerance of vice in varying degrees. It is associated mostly with leisure and self-sovereignty. The morality of the land generates the legal standards whereby the populace is governed by force of the state. Vos popoli Vos dei, or “the voice of the people is the voice of god” – Rousseau. Who is the voice of the people but leaders inside the people with a following cast.

If maintained in modern thought, freedom is a tool of the demagogues to power over the masses for the benefit of the ruling class. Do what the State commands and allowances or freedoms will be bestowed in varying degrees. Statist freedom propositions are designed and offered to appeal to man’s fallen nature of self-sovereignty or being a god unto himself. Such deistic assertions are entirely satanic, delusional, absurd and posit a war between man and himself and man and his Maker. Therein lies the difficulty in maintaining a free land – mankind’s urge to be enslaved for a piece of self sovereignty. Therefore, a free or freedom land must be a land that not only has a solution for man’s epidemic syndrome of competing with his Maker (rebellion) but also a system checking those fallen urges for the progress and accomplishment of its fundamental mission as a country given by his Maker.

Our political fathers understood this truth and crafted our country to function as a Constitutional Republic. It has forms and freedoms in a check and balance process to plan for advancement even despite mankind’s fallen nature and dominion urge on his terms verses God’s. This thought is paramount in understanding the nature and application of freedom in the truest (biblical) sense. As freedom begins to take form, so will the prosperous furtherance of every nation.

This discussion will continue at another time and will review America’s early past, its conception as a nation, and the role “freedom” had in that formation. Such an understanding of America’s founding is perhaps the clearest illustration of what “freedom” is and how it is to be viewed in absolute terms.

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