Futilely Grasping for Control

By Josh Taylor

None of us can control the future. Most of us wish we had that ability, but we don’t.

There are just too many variable out there to even keep track of. Of course most of us attempt to plan and prepare for the future as a means of reaching our goals, but we know that this planning is merely the illusion of control. Eventually we hit a road block and fail, and we continually do so over and over. But, don’t let this discourage you, because failure is one of our best teachers. The only real failure is when we do not learn something from our mistakes, and when we react to adverse situations by trying to assert more and more control even if it is something small, and relatively insignificant.

If you have seen any fat loss or fitness ads, you know health marketers understand this very well.

Think of all the tiny details that have been spread on how you can lose weight:

· You must have breakfast everyday, and if you don’t, your metabolism will slow down.

· Drinking coffee will speed up your metabolism.

· 12 cups of “cold” water every day will help you burn fat.

· Eat Protein at every meal.

· Drink Green Tea throughout the day.

· Don’t forget your fish oil pills.

But in reality no a single one of these myths will help you lose significant amounts of weight, and it certainly wont be long lasting. Every one of them is either a misuse of science (confusing correlation with causation), and extreme exaggeration (like fat burning tea & coffee), or just a well spread myth (protein for lunch). I am not going as far to say that these health marketers don’t mean well (even though their main criteria is boosting profits), focusing on these minuet actions will only keep you from achieving your health goals.

Most people feel that losing weight is one of their most difficult tasks. But, it really can be solved quite easily. Eat less, and stick to eating whole natural foods. If it comes in a bag or a box, it probably doesn’t qualify as “food.” That is it. But when you spend too much time focusing on insignificant details, you can lose sight of the big picture.

In short, when we think we can manage our health by focusing on the minutia in our lives, we end up sacrificing enjoyment in our lives, for some distant goal. In future articles I will outline positive alternatives to current fads.


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