AUGUST 2010 SOUND OFF – Q&A with Jeff Ziegler

Q: What is the stand of SGI concerning the proposed Mosque at Ground Zero?

A: The entire debate is quite exacerbating in that most people are ignorant of Islamic goals and doctrines. This is not a debate between liberals and conservatives. Nor is it a ground of contest between Democrats and Republicans. It has nothing to do with Constitutionalism, Libertarianism, or freedom of religion issues. The pivot argument revolves around Islamic thought on why it is paramount to put a memorial mosque at ground zero. For Islam, making memorials on the ground of militant victories is in their view “a divine mission.”

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Notice the gold crowned “Dome of The Rock” sits on top of the old “Temple Mount” in Jerusalem. This actually means something to Islam – a sign of dominance. So too, the whole 911 New York/ Washington DC attack is seen as an Islamic victory over The United States. It is not an internal Islamic debate between so-called Islamic moderates vs. extremists. It represents in Islamic victory to be memorialized on behalf of Islamic goals. Based on this proper military evaluation of Islamic martial goals, no permission for the mosque construction should be considered. It is yet another “act of war” by Islam and its supporting states, and not some rag-tag group of terrorists.

Q: You can’t be serious about the previously expressed idea of invading Mexico to stop illegal immigration are you?

A: I am very serious about this. Herein are some brief illustrations. Remember, illegal immigration is not a race issue! Nor are issues about “anchor babies”, Arizona law, or Obama machinations at the forefront. The fact that successive Mexican presidents have endorsed waves of illegal immigrants since the late 70’s coupled to underground Mexican revolutionary cells existent within the US and again supported by Mexico, constitute multiple acts of war by Mexico against the United States and warrant a full retaliatory response by the US against Mexico.

US M-1 tank on the move

An invasion of Mexico would end illegal immigration in reality. Breaking up said territory into states and covering the same with the US Constitution would finally free Mexicans from generations of corruption and despotic rule. Energy reward would also be ample. Again the Mexican government is fundamentally and essentially at war with the United States! Ideas and actions have consequences. It is time they (Mexico) paid!

Q: Are there real differences on the healthcare debate between Democrats and Republicans?

A: Of course there are vast and nuanced differences! So much of that has been aired in other forums that I feel no need to recapitulate here. However; on major policy advances the two parties are uncomfortably the same. As an example: Dr. Mark McClellan former director of CMS under President Bush essentially wrote vast portions of what is today called Obamacare. McClellan a “Republican” is today associated with the liberal and statist Brookings Institute. For more on this see Dr. Bob Moffit at Heritage Foundation or Grace-Marie Turner at Galen Institute.

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