911 PRAYER 2010

September 12, 2010

Let us pray that God Almighty assist us to remember. God grant our greatest desire  to meet our foes in combat intellectually, theologically, and at every level to decide the issue. Lord, our soldiers, under your hand have acted like men worthy of freedom!

God assist us to remember, that we fight for all that is dear to us on earth; our homes, our families and our liberty. Keep us far from those who would not fight for these for they are not worthy of the name of man.

God assist us to remember our sacred dead in NY, PA and in Washington DC! and with their passing by the hand of rash Islamists, give us the victory! May we anticipate a riddance to the world of Muslim oppressors, followed by peace and prosperity!

God assist us to remember the LIVES of 911!

God assist us to remember that we fight an enemy who gives no quarter, and regards neither age nor sex. Assist us to remember that lives have been destroyed! Assist us to imagine our wives and daughters trudging mud and water, and your children crying for bread as slaves,and then remember that the author of all this woe is ISLAM; that the arch fiend Bin Laden is now within our grasp; and that the time has come at last for us to avenge the blood of our fallen heroes and to teach the haughty dictators of Islam that Americans under God, can not be conquered and that they can and will be free. May we all nerve ourselves for the battle at every level! The battle of ideas! Knowing that our cause is just and that we are in the hands of an All-wise Creator! May we strike the great blow of victory! May our watchwords be “Remember 911! Remember the blood of Islam!”

In JESUS name


SGI – Fall Offensive

September 3, 2010
  1. Release of Revival Bible Commentary: Jeff Ziegler – co-contributor end of September
  2. Release of Republic Restored: By Jeff Ziegler – Mid October
  3. Mid November – SGI staff in numerous Washington DC Capitol Hill meetings in the House and Senate to distribute “Republic Restored” to congressmen and senators.
  4. Numerous TV and Radio interviews throughout the Fall

We need your support!

After 14 months of activity in Washington DC as well as Uganda, United Kingdom, and numerous Asian-Pacific countries together with publishing projects, we have not asked for monthly support. We can no longer afford to do these things out of pocket!  We need you support! We need you every month or on a one-time donation basis! All support should be made to SGI and sent to: 3946 Charles Way, Perry, Ohio 44081.

Thank you!

Health Update

Many of you have asked about my health after I suffered a brain hemorrhage last December. While the incident at the time is fatal in 90% of cases, God did intervene and healed me! Thanks for all of the hundreds of individuals and churches who prayed!


Jeff Ziegler
President Statesmen Global Initiatives (SGI)

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