SGI – Fall Offensive

  1. Release of Revival Bible Commentary: Jeff Ziegler – co-contributor end of September
  2. Release of Republic Restored: By Jeff Ziegler – Mid October
  3. Mid November – SGI staff in numerous Washington DC Capitol Hill meetings in the House and Senate to distribute “Republic Restored” to congressmen and senators.
  4. Numerous TV and Radio interviews throughout the Fall

We need your support!

After 14 months of activity in Washington DC as well as Uganda, United Kingdom, and numerous Asian-Pacific countries together with publishing projects, we have not asked for monthly support. We can no longer afford to do these things out of pocket!  We need you support! We need you every month or on a one-time donation basis! All support should be made to SGI and sent to: 3946 Charles Way, Perry, Ohio 44081.

Thank you!

Health Update

Many of you have asked about my health after I suffered a brain hemorrhage last December. While the incident at the time is fatal in 90% of cases, God did intervene and healed me! Thanks for all of the hundreds of individuals and churches who prayed!


Jeff Ziegler
President Statesmen Global Initiatives (SGI)


One Response to SGI – Fall Offensive


    Greetings, please tell me where I can get or buy a copy of “Republic Restored.”

    How can any republic be restored until we, the remnant of true believers, repent in godly sorrow for our national sins which are grievous and many? Only the Lord can lift the scepter of wickedness that rests upon our Land … a land which was allocated to the righteous. “O Lord, have mercy on us and let the wicked , unrighteous leaders in government throughout this country fall into your hands of righteous judgment. Arise, O Lord, and do as you have said.”

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