Make Sure You Supply The Answers!

November 11, 2010

Will the new Republican majority stand for the Constitution?

Will the new majority field an agenda that makes the statists respond to our initiatives rather than our people playing the defense yet again, or will we see the tired anthem of running scared and the abandonment of Constitutional duties?! Will the REAL work and toil of JUSTICE carry the day or political expediency?

Will we witness the continuous treason to the people of this nation by allowing this nefarious wretch Barack Obama, to destroy this great land of ours, or will we see a repulse of statist ambitions?

Will the refined country-clubbing-elite get out of the way, or will they need to have their faces pushed into the mud of their own stinking corruptions in league with OBAMANATION?! Will we see the rise of godly-statesmen, or godless, self-seeking, ignorant, political tricksters who are no more capable of conducting the affairs of this nation than that of a BROTHEL HOUSE?!

Obama may be weakened by the last election; but “the man who would be king” can still issue executive orders that destroy states rights, rob the unborn of life, and enslave our citizens to Federal do-good schemes.


Having a strategic worldview of victory must be translated into tactical plans for commercial, political and personal success. In other words “what you view is what you do.” If your world-life-view is one of doom and despair then you will accomplish little toward victorious results. But if you are intoxicated with a sense of destiny and a vision of greatness, if you love the sting of battle and will not shirk from rigorous competition, if you wish to lead in your sphere of influence and to dominate the same ethically, then you have laid the foundation for success and satisfaction. Having a fully articulated world-life-view is the key element in defining the battlefields of life. That is to be the one that establishes the rules of the game, that takes the initiative and makes the “other guy” respond to you!


Having won so many election victories, it is paramount to give the key stakeholders the “stuff” for positive vision and success. That’s why the little book “Republic Restored” was written! In one evening your worldview will be changed! Order one for yourself, your state office-holders and staff, your congressmen and staff, local officials and judiciary! Yes, they do read and yes, they’ll thank you! So ask the questions and make sure to supply the answers! ORDER REPUBLIC RESTORED NOW!

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