Christmas 2010! Gear-Up for the Incarnation!

Republic Restored

JEFF ZIEGLER’S 62 page marching orders! Find out why the White House and President Obama hate this book! Order Today!

* Activism with Vision

* Being hand-delivered to Congressmen and Senators in February 2011

Revival Study Bible

JEFF ZIEGLER one of 100 collaborators! with Commentary on Psalm 2, 22, 72, 110; Acts2; Ephesians 1; and I Thessalonians 5.

After a 17 year collaboration with New Zealand’s Winkie Pratney; the Revival Study Bible is here!
* 2000 pages
* Historic and Contemporary Commentary
* Topical Chain reference
* Concordance
Republic Restored
– Paperback – $20.00 **
– Hardback – $25.00
Revival Study Bible
– Hardback $100.00
– Leather $130.00
Checks should be made to SGI -Jeff Ziegler care of 3946 Charles Way, Perry, Ohio 44081.
** Note: only the 1st 30 paperbacks of Republic Restored are guaranteed before Christmas

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