FEBRUARY 2011 Questions and Answers With Jeff Ziegler

Q: Who or what are the most influential people or events in your life?

A: I take this question seriously, yet; can only answer the same if I break down my listings into categories. These lists are the most influential in MY life and hence omit many and include some which many may either disavow or lobby for inclusion. Yet; I really care not for the opinions of list-makers. These answer the MY life question. Thus are not for debate.


St. Augustine

Martin Luther

Pope Gregory

John Knox

George Whitefield

Jonathan Edwards

Charles Hodge

Armin Gesswein

John Jefferson Davis


Oliver Cromwell

George Washington

Andrew Jackson

Teddy Roosevelt

General Douglas MacArthur

General George Patton

Margaret Thatcher

Ronald Reagan

Carl Von Clausewitz

Federick Bastiat


George Allen

Vince Lombardi

Admiral Arliegh Burke

John Kennedy

Audie Murphy

Caspar Weinberger

John Lehman

James Doolittle

Woody Hayes

Q: What do you make of those who place “relationships” and “friendship” above all else?

A: At best these deluded souls live an unprincipled and a hopelessly compromised life. By definition such creatures are disqualified from leadership in that they desire to be liked too much by everyone. George Washington stated that one should keep their “friends” few.

1) Those who value many friendships compromise beliefs, loyalty, and the quality of true friends for the illusion of “volume” and an illusory hope of popularity.

2) These creatures can be trusted for nothing of real importance lest it cost them a relationship or two.

3) Careful of the word “reconciliation” in that it is often used as a means of surrender and fatal compromise.

4) Most want to get along with everyone because they fear conflict and stand for nothing!

Q: What do you think of modern music and worship innovations within the Church?

A: I will not comment on modernistic innovations in terms of style and music. What I will say is that all church music in every era is classified into two categories 1) music and words that make men “feel” good and 2) Music and words that describe and herald the majesty and character of God. The first category is boring and reprehensible to describe as “worship” The second category properly exemplifies worship.

Q: What do you say to those who charge you with being “too strident” and “divisive”?

A: OK?

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