MARCH 2011 Questions and Answers

With Jeff Ziegler President SGI

Q:  In your various writings I often see the phrase “practical atheism”. What do you mean by this?

A: Obviously context is important in terms of usage. But in a general sense it is planning, acting, and believing as if God is not or is not capable of intervening in your life. Example: there are many who are religious – some with great fervor: yet, very few take the notion of God actually interposing on their behalf seriously and therefore in action, behave essentially the same as those who claim no faith at all. Hence; while they may acknowledge God intellectually, they actually create doctrines and practices that offer excuse for the lack of Godly interventions. Ergo, the notion of “practical atheism” defined.

Q: What do you think of the chaos of the Egyptian and Libyan revolutions as well as other nations?

Egypt hasn’t meant anything since Heston bested Yul Brynner in the 10 Commandments! Yet with respect to all the doomsday hyperbole – We are told to be cautious of those worse than Wacky Gaddafi (Libya) and Hosni Mubarak (Egypt). Both so-called leaders are Islamic (when convenient), and both were puppets of the former Soviet Union with Mubarak receiving flight training in Russia from 1959 – 1966. Hosni went on to have his airforce decimated by Israel in both 1967 and 1973. In both cases they flew Soviet aircraft such as the MIG-15, 17, 21, 23 and 25; the Sukhoi -17; and the Tupolev 95. Mubarak is in line with Egyptian military dictators with an Islamic-Marxist slant going back to 1956. His predecessors Anwar Sadat and Gamal Nasser were life-long Communists. Gaddafi has been the enemy of the US my entire adult life. I find no solace with those who caution against something worse. Gaddafi killed US soldiers in Germany in 1985, downed Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland, sought to assassinate President Reagan, supported worldwide terrorism (Abu Nidal), facilitated the hijacking of the Achille Laro, and mined the Red Sea.  Add the nation of Yemen (also in revolt) to the scenario (again a former Russian base) and I say OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!  It signifies the continued disintegration of the former Soviet empire.  DOWN WITH SOVIET EXPANSIONISM! The best solution to Col. Gaddafi was led by my friend Col. Anthony Lazarski and the FB-111 in 1986. See “Operation El Dorado Canyon”.

Q:  You seem to put great emphasis on the Church having authority on earth as opposed to the family. I find that odd in that the “family” was created first!

A: I find it odd that you could see the Church as a historic asterisk in that CHRIST is the ONE who founded it! Yes; the family was created first! But animals and sea creatures were created before the family! So, using your logic; the local Zoo or the Aquarium should be the dominant themes in history. Ecclesiastical anarchists under the guise of a pseudo-patriarchy love to speak of an apostate and compromised Church (In many cases they are right) to justify their perceived autonomy from the Church (This is never right). The power of the keys, the sacraments, and the authority to prevail against the “gates of Hell” is given to the Church, the Body of Christ for Eternity and NOT an amorphous ill-defined familial unit! So YES therein is the emphasis of SGI.

Q:  So as you were an early Reagan supporter; what surprised you the most about the “experience”?

A: That’s easy! It was how strident, arrogant, and hypocritical the local Republican party was at the time! Today of course they all “bow” at the Reagan shrine. But in the late 70’s and early 80’s they were aghast at his vision and tenacity.  They even had the absurd idea that there should be a co-presidency between Gerald Ford and Reagan as they were convinced that Ronnie was “crazy”. Their objections all centered on Reagan’s notions of winning the “cold-war” and of course his uncompromising pro-life stand. So when I hear these same fellow-travelers sing Reagan’s praises today they induce impulses to vomit. As a teen I had far more battles with anti-Reagan Republicans than Democrats. Please see the following video:

Q: You never mention the “China” threat! Doesn’t China’s economy worry you?

A: China is a potential threat; BUT, there are some things to consider! Missiologists estimate that since 1973: 240,000 people per year have been turning to Christ!  Hence over 8 million conversions to Christianity since the mid 70’s! Granted in a country as vast as China this seems small! Yet it marks great progress! As far as concerns and questions about their economy? In 2009 – a very poor recession year; the United States produced $1.7 trillion in goods or 40% more than China. So present tense; I’m not worried. The trends, if maintained at present levels I certainly don’t like! However; there is nothing that is being said about today’s China that was not said about the Japanese in the 1980’s as relating to the US economy! Where is Japan today? Americans have short memories and fear-mongering harlots always take advantage of the same for their own aggrandizement and self-justification.

Q: You have mentioned “pretend politics” a lot. What do you mean by that?

A: In short; individuals, organizations, and media stunts that create issues or outright lies that have no bearing on reality. These are generally sensational in tone, disconnected from history, or run antithetical to any Christian orthodoxy. Such thought appeals to those desiring a quick, dramatic national effect and emotional release as opposed to hard work over local issues. Pretenders love to talk about international cabals yet will actually side with leftists when it comes to local unions, welfare, and other “nanny state” impulses. Stalin called these “useful idiots”. I think Stalin was too generous in this case as the term “useful” seems more than absurd. Pretenders will always tend to promote issues that are personally distant yet eschew the vital localized context wherein performance and accountability hold sway! In the parlance of sports; it is Fantasy Baseball vs. Major League Baseball.

Q: Are you not concerned with the threat of Islam?

A: Of course Islam is a concern! It is the historic enemy of Christianity. I have received hundreds of threats of death from Muslims for speaking against them. As one who has (according to science) died once, such threats are mundane. Having said that; Islam in all forms and nuances is THE ENEMY! Expose, agitate, and fight them at every level!

COMMENT – I am shocked and amazed how many comments and opinions I received from last months’ Q&A. This is especially true regarding the most influential personalities in MY LIFE. I was bombarded with complaints about how many people I left out! Huh? These are the individuals who influenced MY LIFE! Though I did leave out my 4th Grade teacher Mrs. Helen Popa. That was a mistake! The rest of you; – GET YOUR OWN LIST! STAY OUT OF MINE !!!!!!

One Response to MARCH 2011 Questions and Answers

  1. Jay Rogers says:

    “It signifies the continued disintegration of the former Soviet empire.”

    My thoughts exactly. It should have happened 10 to 15 years ago. But the USA preferred to “stabilize” the region by offering a peace treaty to Saddam Hussein. If Saddam had been removed in 1991, we wouldn’t be worried about Qaddafi and Mubarak’s replacements in 2011.

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