Operation Potomac

May 31, 2011


For the first time since 2009; SGI teams led by Jeff Ziegler will visit Washington DC and the US House and Senate! Four teams of two each will meet 50 congressmen, senators, staffers, and think-tank personnel with a contemporaneous “prophetic” message of truth. Every team will be hand-delivering proclamations and Jeff Ziegler’s book REPUBLIC RESTORED to each office.

WHEN: June 29th 2011

WHERE: Washington DC US House and Senate

OBJECTIVE: Pro-Life Proclamation to Congress and Delivery of book REPUBLIC RESTORED

NEED: Must raise $23,750.00 before 6/7 to assist in paying for all the team expenses, purchase of enough books (150), and electronic media (TV and Radio).

MAKE CHECKS TO: SGI Jeff Ziegler PO Box 787 Madison Ohio 44057 – In memo write “Potomac Glory”

Questions and Answers for May 2011

May 25, 2011

With Jeffrey A. Ziegler

Q: Why don’t you say anything about end of time scenarios and events?

A: I don’t argue or comment on subjective schemes. At 50 years old I’ve seen more than a few! But to the point: the theological term for what you describe is “eschatology.” In that context, there are a number of orthodox views termed “Amillennialism, historic Premillennialism, and Postmillennialism” together with a very popular Americanized, though heterodox view called Dispensational- Premillennialism. One could have unending debates on all the above. However, at issue is not the supremacy of one view above the other! At issue is the finished work of Christ and the world-life-view that stems from the same! In other words you are either both driven and motivated by calendars and events (calendrics), or Christology. If it is the calendar, your life revolves around endless speculations about “when” Christ will return. If it is Christology, then one is concerned not about “when” but “what” Christ is returning for. In other words the MISSION of the resurrected Christ and the comprehensive expansiveness of The Great Commission! See Matthew 28:18-20.

Q: You have mentioned having a “brain hemorrhage.” What happened?

A: I had a hemorrhage December 3rd 2009. This was caused by cranial damage suffered as a youth. No aneurisms existed then or now. To the point: the attending physicians gave my wife my wedding ring and said I was dead or if there could be a recovery, I’d be in a wheel chair and in a “vegetative state.” Long story short, I’m not dead — God healed — also not confined to a wheel chair and I do run 3 miles a week. So Christ healed, I’m not done, and I have a mission to accomplish! Christ be praised! Thanks for asking.

Q: Is there hope for the elections of 2012?

A: By that I take it to mean the defeat of Barack Obama! Of course there is hope! Who the candidate will be is not yet clear. However, my life has spanned Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now the Pretender and Chief “Obama.” The point here is that no “one” election will necessarily determine the “fate” of the Republic. Nor will there be a “magic” candidate! In my life, only one man of the above list provided me an opportunity for hope when hope seemed forlorn, and that was Reagan. That does not happen every election cycle! Yet we must work for and toward the restoration of the republic. This task demands our vigilance, best efforts, and ageless courage!

Q: With all of the things you are involved in, your visibility, and some of the controversial subjects you address, aren’t you worried about your Christian testimony?

A: In a word no! First, the issue of testimony is in God’s hands. In other words the reputation/narrative of a life belongs to God! Including the truth, error, rumors, and everything in between! The vast majority of “Christians” are so concerned with this idea that they justify inaction in any endeavor or circumstance that can be “misunderstood.” An added wrinkle: many saints are under the “delusion” that their “testimony’ saves them or makes them fit for heaven. I’ve heard many a saint ask, “Is your testimony up-to-date?” Yet for these, there is no liberty, nor confidence in Christ being the One who justifies the sinner. No human testimony can save anyone! Religionists capitalize on such misunderstandings with legalisms, subjectivisms, and will-worshipping constructs that keep the sincere “believer” in a stasis of mediocrity. In such contexts, self-justification impulses become an obnoxious habit.

General Douglas MacArthur

From a practical perspective: the greater the visibility and effect of a life, the greater the number of “testimonies” that exist. I have people I have never met crafting all manner of scenarios for my past life, both pro and con. The impossibility to respond to it all leaves only two options: 1) Go forward and trust God. 2) Withdrawal and hide. Now which option do you think the Enemy desires? I conclude with a small quotation from General Douglas MacArthur: “Duty, Honor, Country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They give you a temperate will, a quality of imagination, a vigor of the emotions, a freshness of the deep springs of life, a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, an appetite for adventure over love of ease.” May 12, 1962.

Q: What do you think of the notion of many who state that The President of The United States is the “Covenant Head” of the nation and therefore the country either receives blessing or cursing from God according to the President’s behavior or policies?

A: First, the notion of “covenant” as the means by which God deals with nations is both Biblical and has historic American foundations evidenced by the writings and rhetoric of our founding Fathers. Second, my book “Republic Restored” deals with this issue in detail. However, it is a fundamental misunderstanding of civil polity to equate any President in the same fashion as a King. Remember we have THREE equal departments of government and surely God has and will hold us as accountable accordingly. The reason the Presidency is often viewed with a sense of the Imperial, is the post-WWII motif that gives the president sole authority to launch nuclear war. Prior to WWII, such thoughts were absurd. Hence, NO president can be viewed as the “Covenant Head”, but rather the whole of the Federal branches and the authority of individual states can be viewed in this fashion.

Q: There is a lot of radio and TV video promotion of the idea “end of America.” Do you believe such notions?

A: There are aspects of what is touted in such videos that have financial merit. For example: the idea that the U.S. dollar will at sometime cease to be the world’s reserve currency is in most respects a mathematical conclusion and a historic reality. However, the same has been said since I was in High School in the 1970s. It is a historic reality that empires wane. With respect to many of my Jeffersonian semi-agrarian, return to nativism neo-constitutionalists, the FACT is that since 1946 The United States has been an empire economically, militarily, and in a relational sense internationally. This is not a question of what “should be” but what has been since the end of WWII. So when empires constrict, there are global consequences. The dollar while weakened and being weakened by Obamanation, is still ensconced as the “currency” of the world. One day it will not be. When that day comes, it may be the end of empire-like domination of markets, but it will not be the end of America as such. So until then – serve God, become an answer for the country, and stop spreading calamity-suicide-scenarios. There are many who want to die because they have not the courage to live! Don’t let the “doomers” pollute your calling and mission in life.

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