Redemptive Motherhood

January 7, 2013

Child-bearing is not oppression as the secularists would have us believe; on the contrary, God calls it a means of redemption. Not that we are saved by works, but by child-bearing and raising up for God a godly seed as He desires, we reiterate and multiply the vision needed in order to propagate the Gospel—beginning with a literal interpretation of Deut 6:6-7. Biblical training of children is an instrument of the Great Commission, and the home is the first mission:

“But women will be saved through childbearing–if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.” I Timothy 2:15

The desire, rather than contempt for children, reveals a heart touched by God. The qualities of godly motherhood require and showcase the fruit wrought by the Spirit in a woman’s heart.

In a statistical study, Above Rubies’ Nancy Campbell noted that for every child a woman bears, her risk for ovarian cancer decreases 10%. Research further reveals the safeguarding action of pregnancy and lactation; whereas women today experience 400 menstrual cycles in their child-bearing years—a contributing factor to the rise of Endometriosis and other reproductive-related problems—women who experienced around only 100 cycles about a century ago lived virtually free of the diseases now feared. Why? Because the God-given gifts of pregnancy and lactation naturally allow rest for the body in ways that intervening methods (such as birth control) in reality prevent.

It is a possibility that Timothy’s  admonishment is including a two-fold redemptive process: one of both spiritual and physical preservation. God’s Word is always true and right, down to every jot and tittle!

Whitney Ann

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