Redemptive Motherhood

Child-bearing is not oppression as the secularists would have us believe; on the contrary, God calls it a means of redemption. Not that we are saved by works, but by child-bearing and raising up for God a godly seed as He desires, we reiterate and multiply the vision needed in order to propagate the Gospel—beginning with a literal interpretation of Deut 6:6-7. Biblical training of children is an instrument of the Great Commission, and the home is the first mission:

“But women will be saved through childbearing–if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.” I Timothy 2:15

The desire, rather than contempt for children, reveals a heart touched by God. The qualities of godly motherhood require and showcase the fruit wrought by the Spirit in a woman’s heart.

In a statistical study, Above Rubies’ Nancy Campbell noted that for every child a woman bears, her risk for ovarian cancer decreases 10%. Research further reveals the safeguarding action of pregnancy and lactation; whereas women today experience 400 menstrual cycles in their child-bearing years—a contributing factor to the rise of Endometriosis and other reproductive-related problems—women who experienced around only 100 cycles about a century ago lived virtually free of the diseases now feared. Why? Because the God-given gifts of pregnancy and lactation naturally allow rest for the body in ways that intervening methods (such as birth control) in reality prevent.

It is a possibility that Timothy’s  admonishment is including a two-fold redemptive process: one of both spiritual and physical preservation. God’s Word is always true and right, down to every jot and tittle!

Whitney Ann

6 Responses to Redemptive Motherhood

  1. Jay Rogers says:

    Wow! Great job Whitney with the recent articles. I have been negligent in logging on and contributing, but I plan to use all your stuff at too and to get the rest of Jeff’s materials on here.

  2. Whitney Ann says:

    Oh, thank you so much! I am honored beyond words to know you, and was honored beyond deserving to know Jeff. Fighting the good fight, only by and in His grace.


  3. Terri Hill says:

    Excellent Whitney and Truth well presented! It is a sad society that does not value motherhood and the blessings that children are. His design is always perfect in every way and yet so many reject it. Looking forward to more of your insights.

  4. Whitney Ann says:

    Psalm 127:3-4 is not a truth relative to situation; it is a universal truth for all time, for all people, created by God, amen :)! Love you, sister. I appreciate your time and sweet, sweet blessings!

  5. Laura Lee says:

    Wonderful article, Whitney Ann. God bless you.

  6. Whitney Ann says:

    Just now saw your comment, Laura Lee, thank youso much for taking the time to encourage :)! God bless you, sister.

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