The Privilege of Being a Pillar


The Scriptural charge to married women is to be keepers at home, lovers of husbands and children. We are prescribed the added purpose of women elsewhere (whatever their marital status); that is, the divine commission to be “graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace (Psalm 144:12).” Note carefully, dear friend, that pillars are neither the structure providing shelter, nor the main premises but rather, the unmeasurable provision of graciousness and beauty. Despite the world’s notion for femininity, it is clear that such is the vision that God would see all of His daughters readily embrace.

In a world which teaches women to compete with men in every way imaginable, there is an unexplainable beauty in the arrangement that He has planned. The value of biblical femininity supersedes the expectations of a society which can only find value in monetary success. However, the Bible unfolds a vision of a very different nature: the emphasis of support.

With her tongue, in the very design of her body, of kind words, of Life itself, she is to be a supporter. The very curse of her kind only reaffirmed this charge: the increase of pain in child-bearing.

I can think of no better commission than to be the wife of a visionary man, sharing in his hopes and dreams by the means of His careful description: spiritual, emotional, and affectionate support. Where home is domain and sanctuary, beautified by Fruitfulness and Truth. Where Woman enhances and furthers Husband’s vision with presence, availability, and a mind well-informed and hewn by the Spirit.

May we not grow weary in raising daughters (or being daughters) aiming for this unpopular vision. Neither the unbelieving world nor the carnal church will welcome it. But it is how this country was found, colonized, and prospered. It gave us daughters, wives, and mothers like Abigail Adams who utilized education and wisdom towards the aim and eventual success of multigenerational reformation—all from home.

Let no man lead you astray in minimizing this possibility. Reform and revival always begin in the domestic Seat.

Whitney Ann Dotson

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