Loving Well: Principled Passion

November 1, 2015


I don’t want to marry a ‘nice’ guy. If by ‘nice,’ it means his eyes are dull to the vision of God, and he is ‘safe,’ but no Holy Spirit fire flames in his bosom. If he is only moral and contents himself with the monotony of the day, unscarred and unaffected by the spiritual warfare surrounding him. If his hands are unshackled and comfortable being “lawful” when principle and His beloved God requires that he be a transgressor of the wicked laws set before him. If his “peaceful” spirit in reality exists as a guise for complacency, if he prefers the shield of pacifism to the spilling of his own blood as the reputation of his Savior, his family are ravaged by the powers of darkness. No, may he rather be God’s warrior who loves with both passion and principle. He knows how to love well, excluding neither.”

~ Whitney Ann Dotson

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