About SGI

See the SGI website!

SGI is a non-profit education 501(c)4. However, your contributions are not tax deductible. We have chosen this designation because it allows for an ongoing presence on Capitol Hill.

All checks should be made to SGI and sent to PO Box 787 Madison, OH 44057. Soon our website will allow you to contribute over the internet, but as of now old-fashioned US mail will more than suffice. You will be receiving electronic updates and articles on an ongoing basis.

Thank you for your support! Thank you for belief in the values that made America great. Thank you for helping our team.

Yours for the Republic and the greater Glory of God,

Jeffrey A. Ziegler

Spheres of Influences and Applications

1. Motivational speaking seminars for entrepreneurs

2. Internal corporate training seminars

3. Government outreach and training for Capitol Hill staff

4. Promotion of innovative reforms and technologies within government

5. Confessional orthodox worldview seminars for churches and universities

6. Promotion of Christian orthodoxy and catholicity in Catholic and Protestant seminaries and influence churches

7. Networking with Washington DC think-tanks

8. Reinstating ethical competition and excellence in athletics through a national coaching network

9. Constant electronic media exposure through national media brokers

10. Selective antithetical responses to socialistic, anti-God agendas

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