SGI Resolution on Birth Control

February 11, 2012

Narrative for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

Whereas: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is national in scope, and under consideration of the historic and legal precedent of specific portions of the same act being administered by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the recent decision to force purchase and distribution of birth control measures and procedures upon churches, hospitals and other non-profit organizations otherwise opposed through theological construct, personal conviction, or statement of purpose is a dangerous form and pattern, against Constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion.

Resolved: That the (    )* House of Representatives now declares that The President of the United States Barack Obama, together with HHS director Kathleen Sebelius now rescind these same onerous requirements and direct impingements on all medical, church, and other non-profit health organizations who are non-aligned with mandatory birth control, forced sterilization, or abortion on demand.

Jeff Ziegler


President: The Continental Group and Statesman Global Initiatives

* Note: ( ) to be filled by the name of each state’s respective body.

Wealth and the State of The Union 2012

February 11, 2012

By Jeff Ziegler

The notion of material wealth both in its creation and stewardship, has always stirred great storms of divergent economic theories and philosophical debate. Historically, these arguments have revolved around the false antithesis of the “haves-and have-nots”.  Moreover, prevalent attitudes in America have also tended to run in the same bi-polar extremes. In turn, this has led to destructive political demagoguery and the invective of class warfare.

On one hand, we see many Americans who exhibit an egalitarian ethos. For them all of life must be “fair” and “equal”! Any hardships that are encountered are to be mitigated at all costs through the interposition of government regulations and redistributive taxation. These are predisposed to view wealth with suspicion and as a hindrance to imagined utopian expectations.

At the other extreme, we have had epochs wherein unethical economic anarchists seemed to romp through the land with impunity outside the reach of law and order. Their paradigm dictates a fanciful notion that true prosperity will be marked by uninterrupted growth, success, health and triumph without the inconvenience of conflict, trial, work, and tribulation. If any of these unpleasant attributes of life do appear, they will do anything to make sure such inconveniences disappear. Ethics notwithstanding!

The anthem of colonial America regarding wealth creation, was clearly articulated in biblical verse “But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth …” Deuteronomy 8:18. According to this view God is the creator of the earth and of all things visible and invisible, but he is not the direct disburser of wealth. Rather it is God who gives his children the power or ability and gifting to produce wealth. In this light, the power and abilities which God gives his children to “get wealth” are not “get rich quick schemes” or government entitlements but rather, diligent, purposeful work, investment in the future, and the principle of inheritance.

 Future Inheritance: The Test of Your Personal Economic Theory

Nothing is more despised by American society at large than the concept of inheritance. Class envy has allowed  statist, socialistic elitists in our bloated federal and state bureaucracies, to attack inheritance through tyrannical estate taxes, which in some cases are so oppressive, the transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is nearly impossible.  Popular bumper stickers brandished by our senior citizens arrogantly proclaim “We’re spending our children’s inheritance.” Even neoconservative radio talk show icon Rush Limbaugh feels compelled to apologize for the concept of inherited wealth often explaining that most wealthy conservatives have “earned their fortunes.”

Yet, it is inheritance, passed on from generation to generation that has been the chief building block for American cultural institutions and future leadership. We see this exhibited by the myriad of trusts, foundations, and educational institutions. The Bush family (like them or not …) has translated inheritance into a political “farm system” that may change the very course of history. Inheritance is a concept of purpose-filled living. Wealth can be created to such ends and every man has God-given talents to achieve such function.

The inheritance test tends to repulse defeatist neo-Marxist guilt-manipulators as well as the marauding “robber-baron” types hence forming maximum opportunity for wealth creation and prosperity with greater liberty for all.

Such concepts were undermined, attacked, and thrown down in President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union Declaration. Herein Obama sets an agenda which is anti-future, anti-American and boasts economic nihilism in exchange for corrupted imagined views of justice. Obama has made the choice for 2012 very clear! The candidate that is both future oriented and the best ABO (Anybody But Obama) deserves the helm of this great nation!

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December 17, 2010

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Of Faith, Fidelity, and Civil Witness

June 14, 2009

By Jeff Ziegler

One of the many erroneous “Religious-Humanistic” charges against Orthodox expressions of The Christian Faith or vibrant demonstrations of Christian civil witness is that we care little or nothing at all for the doctrines and disciplines that theoretically lead to sanctification and holiness. In this context, the Religio-Humanist views Christianity as “private” and at its zenith “monastic” useful only for self-examination and otherworldliness. Such standards are valuable for the Religio-Humanist in that a self-imposed “ghettoization” for the Church is in harmony with their unintentional tyrannical vision of civil polity.

On the contrary, while transformational Christians, (those who hold that Christ’s rule is not confined to the unseen world) hardily reject the monastic, introspective, legalistic and selfish “privatized religion” of these arrogant “will-worshiping” idolaters. (For the Religio-Humanist rejects Christ’s cultural claims). We maintain with equal vigor and unbending determination our allegiance to Christ and the exhortation of both Old and New Testaments “… be ye holy as I am holy.” Yet “holiness” and fidelity to the Biblical ideal, is not defined by those who walk in antithesis to Divine revelation. Hence, a true Christian should not define their existence nor judge themselves in accordance with a “man-centered paradigm” of holy living.

The differences between the Religio-Humanist and the true Christian concerning the question of holiness and fidelity revolves around two distinct areas of conflict.

FIRST The Source and Standard of Holiness

Christian orthodoxy holds, that God’s grace is administered from Christ in His enthronement and is demonstrated by the Holy Spirit, consequently giving us the mercy, grace, and power to obey the revealed will of God as contained in the Scriptures. Herein is an objective, immutable standard that cannot be diluted by subjective, arbitrary man-based notions of “what ought to be”. So as Christ has redeemed man by His meritorious work through crucifixion, so too He maintains and sanctifies His sons through His resurrected, ascended state by the power and efficacy of The Holy Spirit.

The Religio-Humanist believes that through monastic, legalistic, self-abasing acts of ritual to sully, mock and destroy the “flesh”, the Church may be fully emancipated from the material world and escape any form of civil discourse. Their mantra maintains that the experience of the “inner light” or God infused into the essence man, can only be achieved through separation from the “world”. The “God-infused” experience confines “holy” behavior to private subjective interpretations as the Religio-Humanist rejects any notion of Christ’s authority in the visible world and culture. Hence man and his feelings are the final authority of ethics, and are not to be defined by Scriptures, nor authenticated by the Church. Consequently, the standard of holiness is man-centered, subjective, and capricious. It is never to be “seen” or demonstrated in the culture. It is the penultimate ‘private’ life.

SECOND The Scope of Holiness

Christianity contends that every person, family, every activity, relationship or human endeavor must be conformed to the Word of God and subsequently becomes the objective expression of “Holiness unto the Lord.” This view of sanctification is applicable to the individual, the family, the Church and in civil affairs. The emphasis is comprehensive in scope. Individual sanctification leads to an outward witness that impacts the corporate Church and then society as a whole. Hence, the continual ongoing work of the maturation of The Church maintains that individual holiness is not independent of corporate holiness. True Christianity holds to a global vision of dominion through ethical reform. Ergo, there exist no false dichotomies between individual holiness and corporate expressions of the same. Such outward holy witness leads to the transformation of the world in every aspect. This is in keeping with the anthem of The Great Commission as described in St. Matthew chapter 28.

The Religio-Humanist sees all spirituality in terms of the individual. They are ascetics who laboriously practice self-denial of physical and material pleasure or denial of civil concern in order to earn God’s favor. Typically they eschew the institutional Church and wholly and altogether reject the notion of Christian Culture. They are separatists in terms of the “material and spiritual world” and create a false antithesis between a public vibrant Church acting as God’s embassy and a private ‘conscious’ driven religion. Their end goal is the idea of man absorbed into divinity. For them the Church is an impediment, and the corporate Christian community a weight and encumbrance to their fictional quest of total, absolute, self-perfection.

Religio-Humanism – Unwitting Allies of Secularity

In the context of Secularized-Statist Humanism, we find a worldview that is replete with its own manifesto and is a full orbed statist-religion that aspires to the deification of man through totalitarian, pagan and occultic influences. In repudiating Christian orthodoxy, principally the notion of God’s transcendence, Humanism becomes an amply articulated antichristian worldview. The humanistic notion of freedom elevates the state to the place of God and positions it as the author and protector of liberty. Thus from beginning to end, man is to be dependent on the state. Secular-Humanism can be depicted as a scientific-intellectual elite who has through time, reinvented God and ethics in man’s image; the antithesis of the Biblical record. Thus man as a kind of “god” engineers an imagined “superior secular culture,” ever evolving into a forced egalitarian cooperative society: theoretically resulting in the utopian ideal. In this context the progress of the state is akin to divinity itself and therefore any religion that would impede such progress, or would attempt to decentralize its power is regarded as retrograde, fit for marginalization and eventual eradication. To the Christian who holds Christ as the “transformer of culture” the anthem of Secular-Humanism signals an unyielding fight until one or the other is triumphant.

The Religio-Humanist is in full alliance with his secular brother. If not intellectually in league with such designs, certainly in point of fact, due to his social inaction and deliberate segregation of the ethical demands of Christ to the unseen. They are in the parlance of Joe Stalin “useful idiots” to the statist agenda. In fact they are often recruited by the statist to give legitimacy to the dictatorial motif, hence theoretically adverting opposition to the state.

The early Church was seen as a threat to the Roman Caesar cult not due to a bulging militia, but because of its concern for true sanctification of social structures. As such they ethically and morally exposed the ethically rotted foundations of Imperial Rome. This pattern is repeated over and again whenever the Church’s vitality is manifested in a particular culture or nation state. In colonial America, the clarion trumpet of the Church and the dynamic lives of her saints, became the fertile ground that led to our corporate revolt against the Crown of King George. The Church was also the first to be attacked by any of the 20th century examples of Marxist revolution. So a vital Church, rejecting the siren seductions of Religio-Humanism, will always lead in “… The transformation of the World, every part of it, into a place of worship for Jesus Christ.”

In sum that is the chief end of “HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD.”


June 1, 2009

By Jeff Ziegler
The great dynasties of Major League Baseball have always maintained supremacy of the ball diamond through the development of supportive minor league teams more commonly referred to as the farm system. When properly supported, the farm team – minor league organization, cultivates young talent that can be employed for the “big leagues” when the need arises or the position has opened. This is an inherently”bottom-up” approach which in the long term, provides a particular franchise with stability and success. While the age of “free agency” has modified this approach (using large sums of cash to buy a players contract), the farm-system comprised of home grown talent is still the dominant theme for long term stability and annual competiveness.
In the political world success is measured in the terms of victories, from which the projection of power determines policy. Even if one desires to decentralize and restrict political power, such polices must at some point be enacted from a position of authority. In order to achieve that influence one must field candidates, win races, and control political parties at the local level. Unfortunately, most politically active Christians think in terms that cripple any long term development of local “talent” which can then be called upon to cogently represent the claims of Christ in the “big leagues” of civil discourse and policy making.
In America, politically active Christians are eerily uniform in their reactive response to negative and sinful national trends. They are very good at the point of protest and can marshal grass roots outrage on the national stage. But as SGI oft declares “outrage” rarely wins battles! So even when Christians are victorious at blunting a particular onerous policy, such obsessions with all things national brings a woeful neglect to the gateways of political influence at the local level. Therefore we are always left to react to what the “bad guys” are doing instead of making them react to us. You can’t play defense all the time and expect to take ground!
This negligence ensures that explicitly Christian thinking candidates are not developed. Hence; the saints are nearly always left outside the political process, first at the local level and then in the larger arenas. Tough we do become expert “rock throwers”! Local political farm systems support the development of national candidates. Where do you think Sarah Palin came from? Was she groomed by a cabal of “New World Order” thinkers? Hardly! She started out as a school board activist! Hence patience over panic, planning over reaction, and intelligent action over protest wins the day!
Yet, most Christians hold to a “top-down” approach to political thought that deleteriously ignores grass-roots foundations. Result? The saints are marginalized as protestors with little if any bite. Indeed, if I had a dime for every sincere saint who said something akin to “I don’t care about this local stuff … look at what Obama is doing to the nation” I would be a very wealthy man indeed.
When you add the varied conspiracy theories to the milieu, the saints are at a huge disadvantage. “Success” is deemed impossible in that even if some measured advance is noted “the conspiracy” either real or imagined will succeed in thwarting any meaningful advance. Hence local politics is seen as naive and without hope for promotion. Yet it will be local politics, state sovereignty issues, governors and business leaders that will determine the outcome of the Obama years, not Federal obsessions, international cabals, or elite effete billionaires!
A Dominion Attitude
A dominion attitude rejects defeatist notions and embraces long term biblical strategies which ensure a “little by little” conversion or defeat of entrenched political adversaries. Some of these strategies include:
1) Training explicitly Christian candidates in issues of civil polity, campaigns, and theology. This is paramount! You can’t beat something with nothing!
2) Building campaign organizations that are not dependent on the party. That is building a self-sustaining entity at every level of campaign involvement. THIS IS IMPERATIVE! More Christian candidates have lost races due to their naive dependence on state party machines than any other single factor. The machine is NOT on your side! No exceptions! Build your own base, over successive elections and watch how effective you become as a power broker for Constitutional causes!
3) Training precinct committeemen for party service. Concentration is on trained Christians who look to control the executive committee and various other committees (finance, public relations, candidate recruitment etc.) with an eventual Christian party chairman that takes seriously his mission to win back and advance basic Christian cultural ideals.
4)  Running races at local and state levels. That is zoning boards, city council, county offices, health boards, school boards, state representative etc. Start with the achievable and LEARN!
5)  Involvement in vital peripheral organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, or start your own think-tank!
6)  Discipleship of existing civil magistrates.
7)  Committees of correspondence and phone/email/fax/blogging networks to bring public pressure to bear on various issues.
8)  Using antithesis both in campaigns and marketing to help define the battlefield in the community. Politics is war by another means! Grow up! Remember Jesus called the scribes and Pharisees “whitewashed tombs and vipers”.
9) After one local county party is sufficiently controlled, branching out into the contiguous counties within the same congressional district.
10) Encourage Christian independents to also run for non-declarative races (city council) and so as to raise up an alternative group of candidates that can assert pressures from outside the  main parties.
11) Start your own business! Especially in an age when entrepreneurism is frowned upon by the Obamaites, what better way to resist and prosper than to start your own business!

Church Recruitment
The average church in America has membership of approximately 190 people. If each church represented on the SGI mailing list were able to activate 10% of their parishioners toward service in the civic realm, a great political force would arise. Now many a churchman decries political involvement. They claim we are not “saved” through politics! To which I agree! But one must ask the question for what end did Christ save us? Certainly he saves us from our sins and sanctifies us for an eternity spent with Him. Nevertheless we are not placed in this life to take up space, but to press His claims in every sphere of life. Politics is of importance because in this age it has become the chief battleground, the place of contest and the great engine of brutish state power. Our involvement in the body politic will be to make poltics of less import through limited government power, greater personal freedom and responsibility, and finally emphasis on family renewal in Christ. In the end we work for a world free from Caesar that we may be free in Christ!


April 9, 2009

SGI To Deliver Proclamation in Person at the White House on April 15th!


On April 15th, while thousands rally across the nation in TEA PARTY tax protests, SGI will be delivering our imprecatory prayer proclamation to the White House. The Proclamation published often in our newsletters is Augustinian in nature and was often utilized by clergy and civil magistrates to rebuff tyrannical and unjust rulers. The Proclamation is signed by 300 Catholic, Protestant, and Independent leaders from across the nation. The Proclamation declares blessings for righteous actions and negative sanctions for miscreant behavior. Specific planks in The Proclamation deal positively with life, liberty and property and negatively with President Obama’s promotion of state sponsored abortion and homosexuality.

We will meet with the White House Office of Faith Based Initiatives. There is also an effort to have the President appear for a 2 minute photo opportunity. To read The Proclamation in its entirety log on to and please join with us in prayer! Pray for SGI President Jeff Ziegler, SGI board members Gary Humble, Ken Allen, Dr. Edwin Hissa, Rev. Bruce Moore, and Rev. Rusty Thomas as they deliver “the goodness and severity of God” to President Barak Obama.

Kingdom Foundations of Success

By Thomas Beresford Vice-President TES INC.

Our discussion speaks to elemental economic motivations, with Capitalism as the reasonable choice for Freedom and prosperity. This seems fitting in lieu of the current administration and economic landscape based on debt and fiat currency. However, to address such issues presupposes an understanding that is radically and entirely Christian.

The Fundamental

Business, economics, and entrepreneurship are terms inseparable from the notion of “covenant cause and effect thinking.” They also are terms inescapable from all of mankind, proceeding well beyond commerce in scope and application, and having everything to do with dominion and man’s innate drive towards mastery whether secular or godly. If one understands the Covenant (promise-contract), dominion (drive-motivation) and responsibility (application) as foundational functions therein, then tangible results and outcomes can be both expected and planned for.

Outcomes or economic gains are used to advance one of two Kingdoms – this is a constant principle and no one is exempt. The secularist uses his gains to support and advance a humanistic kingdom to govern his affairs, and that of fallen men. The secularist kingdom seeks to enslave men and promote a morally relativistic agenda based on the whims of unregenerate social engineers. His support comes primarily in the form of excessive taxation upon labor; which by definition is tyrannical in nature, having its foundation in rebellious man and coercion. In this system, mankind finds his labor grievous and devoid of purpose and meaning. In turn he criticizes the government that he imposed on himself as “parasitic” for it evolves into an all-powerful force with the ability to take away everything. The secular businessman then takes to vice as the logical cope for his frustration in meaningless labor and government oppression. This in turn only increases the size and power of the depraved kingdom in that it now must deal with increased “vice.” To be sure, increase comes but so does increased despair. The Preacher/Writer of Ecclesiastes: is on point when he decries what pleasure is there to work and make increase only to give the empire away to a relative upon death. Will the relative be responsible with the increase? The Preacher declares in sober language, it is vanity.

In juxtaposition, regenerate man uses his gains to support and advance the Kingdom of God. He understands a Code was given outside of or apart from man to best govern him and also declare the nature of the Law Giver, the Triune God. He knows the Code or Laws were provided by the One who knows him intimately because the Law Giver was also the Creator. His support of God’s Kingdom comes in the form of the tithe as set in the Code. The tithe is not a burden but a joyous act of worship. It is a means to love his fellow man with a purpose. It empowers his freedom to expand in commerce and benevolence and encourages an economic system of competition, and caters to man’s dominion urge or “drive.” It promotes remunerations that are secured by the family and built on for generations with the end purpose of a godly global society with wealth, purpose, freedom, peace and love.

The Practical Principles for Dominion

The idea of dominating the competition is clearly stated throughout Scripture. Time nor space provides adequate opportunity to address each principle. That said, below are a few commercial absolutes that God decrees in His “cause and effect” world:

1. No work on the Sabbath! This sounds archaic and certainly not plausible in a highly competitive market. In a humanistic sense (kingdom of man), working 7 days provides an additional day of commerce to capture gains. God forbids it! But Sabbath is also a gift of grace to mankind to rest his animals, machinery and mental exercises in order to demonstrate trust and faith in Him that He Himself will provide miraculously. The physical benefits of such rest are enormous! To work the Sabbath is to deny God’s Grace and brings long-term physical harm to man.

2. Tithing! God expects a tenth and the first fruits of everything — the best and “number one” of his work. Giving God what is His shows His position as Sovereign and Provider. The tithe is to be gathered by the Church and dispensed for welfare, remunerations for ministry and continuing education. Beyond this obligation God has promised to “rebuke” the devourer as a reward for fidelity to this command.

3. Benevolent Giving! This is over and above the Tithe. God expects and rewards those who seek out the needs of the poor and facilitates their welfare. These efforts are personal and far superior to a welfare state both in effect and personal responsibility.

These fundamental understandings were once commonplace throughout America and provided a “rhyme and reason” for our colonial existence. Unfortunately, such a principled understanding is not commonplace anymore and this “silence” has happened by intent. How have our pulpits and educational systems ceased from teaching these basic tenants? What have they been replaced with? What are the ends of these humanistic designs? More to come! Read the rest of this entry »

The “Wholesome Medicine” of Barak Obama PART II – Taking on CMS

March 16, 2009

Jeffrey A. Ziegler President: SGI


Once again President Barak Obama has filled the nation’s airwaves with whining pontifications on the so-called healthcare crises. From his 2008 campaign to the present “healthcare summit” the same libertine dribble of state-run solutions to non-existent problems have belched from the belly of Obama’s leftist radicals. That the cost of healthcare continues to rise has little to do with any crises of market influences, but instead stems from the Fed’s original suppression of free enterprise in the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, and its resultant cost-shifting Ponzi schemes, derailed innovations, and the combined financial choke-hold these programs have had on American medicine. As former President Bush often stated, “ … Instead of bureaucrats, trial lawyers, and HMOs, we must put doctors, and nurses, and patients back in charge of American medicine.” We certainly agree! Unfortunately the current Obama-era regime at CMS (Center for Medicare Services) not only falls far short of these lofty ideals but is working to increase the size of CMS while stripping medical choice from rank and file consumers. The reach of CMS is surpassed only by the combined elements of the Pentagon!

The Economic “Big Picture”

Medicare is the greatest engine driving up the cost of healthcare! The problem with Medicare (CMS) is its sheer size and insulation from market forces. Alone, Medicare (CMS) comprises 49% of the entire US healthcare industry. (Under Obama CMS will grow to encompass all US healthcare!) CMS is among the least efficient of government agencies. It is often joked that the agency is the last refuge for former East German bureaucrats. Now if this were a privately owned concern, competition would eventually curb such inefficient behavior. But Medicare is big government! Their bad conduct, procedures, and policies are among the chief reasons for the escalating health care costs facing the nation! When you consider that the first wave of baby-boomers are now entering the system (2008) government dominance of healthcare will be out of control! (With or without Obamaism)

Remember that Medicare is an agency built on artificial pricing schemes and cost shifting and lags woefully behind in payment to doctors and providers. Additionally, when Medicare actually does get around to paying the providers, it has been doing so at ever decreasing rates (4-5% per year). Results? More and more providers are simply opting out of treating Medicare cases or real cost is passed on to non-Medicare business silos. For patients this means less access to healthcare and more cost. But now Obama wishes to bloat CMS into an ever increasing draconian master by coercively forcing all Americans into an already cancerous Leviathan. The results? As one surgeon remarked Medicare is not about healthcare but instead killing off the actuarially non-viable. In other words rationed care, less physician access, and no patient choice! The future for the elderly ill? “Hey, you’re going to die anyway . . . NO TREATMENT!”

Operation WHITECOAT Objectives:

Since 2005 we have worked with many patriotic and caring physicians to bring real market solutions to the nation. Dubbed OPERATION WHITECOAT our physicians are working to repulse the fascist solutions of state run healthcare!

We are working to gain an affirmative commitment and assent from CMS for non-risk Physician-Patient-Technology demonstrations that are driven by the true cost of the market and lay the ground-work for the outsourcing of the entire claim management system of Medicare. Second, we are advocating the development of a fast-pay system for the provider community coupled to real-time claims processing, fraud detection and predictive risk management. Third, we advocate for a consumer-choice benefit plan that shifts Medicare authority away from Federal control to regional, private entities. Fourth, our Provider Team WHITECOAT forms the nucleus for other providers to join with us in an ongoing effort. Finally, work toward a market driven, privatized CMS model. In other words OPERATION WHITECOAT and SGI are on a collision course with healthcare FASCISM!

What Operation WHITECOAT Doctors Represent

1. Deployment of a Fast Pay System
2. Reduction in CMS Administrative Costs and Development of Privatized Models
3. National Political Clout
4. Platform for Tort Reform
5. National Media Voice
6. Access to The White House and leading Senate and House members
7. Involvement in the Process to change CMS policy and Reduce Government Percentage of Health Economy
8. Creation of an Activistic Physician Movement with Cogent Leading Edge Ideas
9. Positive Pro-life, Pro-family Solutions

What Operation WHITECOAT Doctors Achieve Long Term

1. Developing regional CMS models and Eventual Market-Driven Models
2. Disengaging the Leviathan of Government from Healthcare
3. Lowering Costs and Increasing Reimbursements
4. Breaking the CMS Market Monopoly
5. Incentivizing the Best and Brightest to return to Healthcare
6. Greater Physician Political Prowess! (There’s a big difference between a protester and a policy maker!)
7. Greater Healthcare Choices
8. More Healthcare Dollars spent on Treatment
9. Rebuffing Cynical Defeatist Ideals through Concrete Measurable Successes
10. Ushering in a new “Golden Era” of Ethical Strapping American Healthcare

With doctors in the lead, once again SGI stands as the vanguard to repulse the national power grab of the Obama minions. Below you will find that Rep. Ron Paul kicked us off for our inaugural efforts. With men like Ron Paul we guarantee a fight all the way to the White House!


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