City Council Bill Threatens Maryland Pro-Life Advocacy

May 9, 2010
By Whitney Dotson
“Misleading” is the description City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake recently used to slur the conduct of certain Baltimore Pregnancy Resource Centers. Presented before committees in October 2009 under the legal title Bill 09-0406, the proposed document will signify certain requirements and alterations for pro-life resources. Upon ratification in meeting the mayor’s approval, the potential bill will fine a minimum of $150.00 per day to any clinics that fail to publicly communicate the “limitations” of their services—mainly, the refusal to include referrals to abortionists and the dispensation of contraceptives. While notable organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the NARAL seemingly deem this action a crusade for truth, however, many Maryland citizens question their challengers’ ability to do so in consideration of the companies’ moral and Constitutional transgressions.

“Ethical management,” “reproductive health,” and “choice” are all terms regularly utilized by pro-abortion advocates. Within a span of mere years, however, Planned Parenthood alone has been faced with charges involving malpractice and illegal admissions. In Texas, institutions were forced to close when allegations revealed that induced abortions were being administered by uncertified professionals. Establishments elsewhere drew more attention when supposed minors were given abortion referrals without required parental consent. Concerning the matters of reproductive health and choice, the company has refused to integrate ultrasounds in counseling, and has encouraged anything but true reproduction. Of the many services explicitly stated on its website, the company presently equates reproductive health with the promotion of STD testing, abortion and birth control services, and HPV vaccinations as easily accessible and affordable. Apparently, “choice” to this company refers not to a decision between life and death, but upon the varying ways to enact murder. Ironic is the fact that the very union decrying the moral standing of departments has been so apparently secretive and contradictory itself!

The protection of Amendment One and briefest recognition of natural right as secured by Amendment Fourteen are sufficient in refuting the document in question. While often misunderstood and abused, the liberty commonly recognized as “freedom of speech” originated from a deep-seated desire to restrict governmental censorship where unnecessary. Only when a circumstance aroused the suspicion of being morally unsound or treasonous was regulation summoned. The right to “life” simply and generally acknowledged every man as commonly and innately entitled to protection under the Creator of all life (John 14:6). As the pro-life cause has reputably defended every duration of life and avoided serious illegalities, it may be safely concluded that Planned Parenthood, the NARAL, and similar organizations should reconsider the party truly in need of public posts and moral correction. Only then can a female, in reiterating Ms. Rawlings-Blake’s misapplied rhetoric, make an independent, “informed” decision which is Constitutionally and ethically compliant.

In the Name of the Defender and Originator of Life (Psalm 82:3),

– Whitney


The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

July 21, 2009


By Jeff Ziegler
President SGI

Below you will find a new “action’ column written by Whitney Ann Dotson. Whitney’s action points will become a regular feature in both our newsletters as well as our website. Whitney is dedicated to making applications to the theology and vision we proclaim at SGI. We know you will find her communications efficacious.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

whitneyx2 By Whitney Ann Dotson

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is, after a seemingly silent period, emerging into public notice once again. Established two decades ago as an ambitious charter with the stated purpose of ensuring children’s rights around the globe, nearly every government throughout the world has embraced its terms—that is, with the exceptions of Somalia and the United States. Certain Americans, however, feel compelled to voice their acceptance of the charter. Prominent figures such as Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Hillary Clinton comprise perhaps two of its most unabashed and motivated supporters. The document is attractive because of its claim to preserve the domestic and public safety of children; what is often overlooked by casual readers, however, is the convention’s imbalanced perspective regarding governmental authority and familial rights.

Should the United States submit to the convention’s terms, children ages eighteen and younger would possess, upon the authority of States Parties, “a standard of living adequate for the child’ s physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development (Article 2,1), ” the right to mandatory education involving primary levels (Article 28, 1(a)), the right to moral and religious liberation as indicated by law (Article 14, 3), and protection against imposition in consideration of privacy (Article 16, Section 1). Within this frame of order, the child’s welfare would ultimately originate and progress from the consciences of politicians. According to these assertions, parents are not to interfere with their children’s moral convictions or privacy—a factor which could encourage minors’ access to abortions independent from parental knowledge, access to pornography, and state-regulated education. Parental direction in morality would be limited by governmental insistence of privacy rights. Social workers—and others deemed worthy by the convention—would inherit the business of supplementing parental authority according to their discernment, becoming familial spectators and wedging imposition whenever parents are considered insufficient providers.

The major defect with this convention is not a question as to whether or not the child is entitled to certain rights. As a Christian, I firmly believe that all children are inborn image-bearers of the only true God, and are entitled to every God-given privilege to humankind. No, the matter within dispute rests in a proper analysis of whether or not the government should be given access to: our families, familial rights, and parental authority. In short,why should States Parties perceive themselves more capable of parenting than the parents themselves?

The two purposes of government were intended primarily to reflect justice in punishment, and to preserve what our forefathers regarded as certain unalienable rights. These rights were viewed not as legalities discharged by any earthly rulers, but characterized liberties imparted by the Creator. These liberties equate what are simply known as natural rights—rights which are instilled from conception, and cannot be denied. Our forefathers derived their understanding of natural rights from the principle underlying Genesis 1:26—that men are created reflections of God. Within this principle, God simultaneously instituted marriage and parenthood, demanding the sexes to procreate. Parenthood is a natural right—a right not to be impinged upon by man, but a covenantal responsibility to God. Any transcendence of such a right signifies a deified and misrepresented comprehension of government. It may surprise some people to know that Scripture always connects training and educational duties with the children’s parents. The writings of King David and Solomon repeatedly endorsed parental guidance in order that future generations might know God (Proverbs 1:8). How is this freedom of child rearing to continue when parents are no longer sole executors in guiding their children?

When examined, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child suggests a socialistic undertone. A socialist government asserts the desire that everyone be treated in corporate measure, and that government assumes the position as sole Benefactor and Sovereign over men. Note Sir Thomas More’s infamous work, Utopia; its pages envision a society in which everyone is endowed equally. Every person is directed in both personal and religious life by their governing factors. This ideology may strike the reader as an advantageous concept—especially when the less fortunate are considered. Think again, however, about the ultimate result of such living: the government would own all, distribute all, and decide all. This is nothing short of communism in which all free and individual thought is suppressed and discouraged.

The prohibition of this charter depends upon the action and voice of the people. In order for parents to maintain familial rights, the senate must be notified. If you also respect the foundation of the family unit, contact your US senators, requesting that they oppose the statements posed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Dr. George Tiller and “Defensive Action”

June 1, 2009

By Jay Rogers

If you are concerned with the abortion issue at all, you already know about Dr. George Tiller’s death. Tiller was the late term abortionist who operated a clinic in Wichita, Kansas. He was shot to death while serving as an usher in his church on Sunday, May 31st, 2009.

In 1993, I moved into a house directly across the street from one of America’s most notorious abortion clinics, Aware Woman Center for Choice in Melbourne, Florida. I had been involved in pro-life activism at abortion clinics since 1989 and was especially concerned that, after the shooting deaths of two abortionists in 1993, the movement was in serious trouble. Rather than duck and cover like so many other Christian media outlets had done, I felt it was the right time to confront the issue head on with a viable solution. I later bought the house and it became a staging area for peaceful protest. I became obnoxious to both the abortionists, who attempted unsuccessfully to sue me, and even to some pro-lifers who refused to act without a proper respect for the guidance of seasoned pro-life pastors and leaders. I even banned several people from use of my property who refused to follow the protocol I demanded as the owner. Eventually, the clinic was forced to close in 1999 and the owners chose to retire rather than relocate.

But in 1993, the prospect of furthering peaceful resistance looked bleak. With the election of Bill Clinton, restrictive federal laws were created concerning free speech and assembly. The right to protest in front of abortion clinic in Melbourne, Florida was made illegal for a time. Such laws, which were applied only to pro-lifers, would have been unthinkable had they been applied to any other social activist group. Civil rights protesters who trespassed in “whites only” restaurants, PETA protesters who spray paint fur, and environmental activists who chain themselves to redwoods to save the trees from logging companies are not only tolerated under the first amendment, but even celebrated within their own community of advocates. But with the election of Clinton, pro-life speech suddenly became illegal. The reason given, of course, was to curb the “terrorism” of the defensive action crowd within the pro-life movement.

The crisis of principles was inevitable. Pro-life advocates believe abortion is murder. Many of us were drawn into pro-life activism because we were challenged by a radical idea.

If you believe that abortion is murder, then act like it is murder!

Taken to a logical extreme comes the philosophy of defensive action — that it is permissible to use violent force in resistance to a more egregious violent force. I wrote a response to defensive action in 1993, called Justifiable Homicide that was published in the Christian Reconstructionist magazine, The Chalcedon Report. The article has been referenced by both pro-life and pro-abortion activists. I won’t paste my argument in its entirety into this blog entry, but it is available at our website:

Defensive action is the idea that violent force in the defense of life is permissible since a human life is being taken in an abortion. Since the civil magistrates’ duty is to protect life is being neglected, it is logical to a certain type of mind that individual violent resistance becomes permissible in these cases. Defensive action advocates claim that this is not vigilantism, but the necessary use of violent force in defense of life.

In 1993, Rachelle Shannon used this rationale to shot Dr. Tiller in both arms with a .32 caliber pistol — a gun that is able to kill, but usually does not incapacitate people. Her intent has to merely prevent his ability to commit abortion that day, but not to kill. I remember at the time wondering why in heaven’s name, if she used this argument to justify her defensive action, she simply didn’t finish the job once and for all. As one activist remarked, “This woman is a disgrace both to our pro-life ethic and our marksmanship!”

I’ve spent many hours debating with the defensive action crowd. I will be the first to say that their argument, although wrong, deserves careful scrutiny. I actually agree with defensive action in certain cases. Think of the following situation. Let’s say a serial child molester was released from prison. It defies all justice that the man was released, but let’s suppose that an extreme circumstance was responsible for this travesty. Suppose also that this sociopath has moved into your neighborhood. Soon after that you discover that your six-year-old daughter has wandered on to his property. After a frantic search, you find your child pinned to the ground by the man in the very act of rape. You hold a baseball bat in your hand.

Is it permissible in this case to use deadly force in defense of life?

Let’s say a group of pastors in Nazi Germany begin to participate in a strategy of espionage that results in several assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler. We applaud the resistance of brave Lutheran pastors and erstwhile pacifists such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoeller, precisely because their defensive action in taking one life would have prevented the killing of tens of millions.

What makes killing abortion doctors any different?

The reason is that the defensive action scenarios and their actual implementation have never taken place within the confines of God’s law. That is not to say that they cannot in any circumstance be justified. For instance, if a family member, let’s say a 16-year-old daughter, was about to kill her unborn child and was inside the abortion clinic with a police presence that prevented you from interceding for the life of the baby. I believe it would be permissible to use violent force to prevent the abortionist from murdering your grandchild. In this example, I would agree with violent defensive action.

However, under God’s moral law, we cannot act outside the authority of the civil magistrate to prevent all murder in all cases through the use of deadly force. The only exceptions to this would be the case of a war action, defending a family member, which I’ve mentioned, or a case in which all other options of non-violent resistance would be ineffective to defend a helpless victim. None of the four deadly shootings of abortion doctors that have occurred since 1993 fit these parameters.

It is also good to keep this in perspective. Four cases have occurred in 16 years in which abortion doctors have been shot to death in the United States. Yet since Roe v. Wade was decided, about 45 million unborn baby boys and girls have been slaughtered.

“Do I have any pleasure at all that the wicked should die?” says the Lord GOD, “and not that he should turn from his ways and live?” – Ezekiel 18:23

Except for the sorrow expressed by God himself when an unrepentant sinner perishes, I don’t mourn the death of those who deserve death. I expect that the general public’s attitude toward Tiller’s assassination is going to be a lot less austere than it was in 1993. We have a president who refused to vote to protect babies even in the ninth month of pregnancy. It’s no coincidence that abortion clinic related violence decreases when a pro-life president is in office, but increases when extreme pro-abortion legislation is enacted that is out of the mainstream of American public opinion.

Barack Obama is responsible for creating the atmosphere of violence among the defensive action folks in the pro-life movement, just as Bill Clinton and Janet Reno through their jackbooted federal thuggery were responsible for creating the frustrated backlash that erupted from among a fringe element who were previously quelled by opportunities for social and political activism within the larger peaceful movement.

As John F. Kennedy said about the civil rights movement, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”


June 1, 2009

By Jeff Ziegler
The great dynasties of Major League Baseball have always maintained supremacy of the ball diamond through the development of supportive minor league teams more commonly referred to as the farm system. When properly supported, the farm team – minor league organization, cultivates young talent that can be employed for the “big leagues” when the need arises or the position has opened. This is an inherently”bottom-up” approach which in the long term, provides a particular franchise with stability and success. While the age of “free agency” has modified this approach (using large sums of cash to buy a players contract), the farm-system comprised of home grown talent is still the dominant theme for long term stability and annual competiveness.
In the political world success is measured in the terms of victories, from which the projection of power determines policy. Even if one desires to decentralize and restrict political power, such polices must at some point be enacted from a position of authority. In order to achieve that influence one must field candidates, win races, and control political parties at the local level. Unfortunately, most politically active Christians think in terms that cripple any long term development of local “talent” which can then be called upon to cogently represent the claims of Christ in the “big leagues” of civil discourse and policy making.
In America, politically active Christians are eerily uniform in their reactive response to negative and sinful national trends. They are very good at the point of protest and can marshal grass roots outrage on the national stage. But as SGI oft declares “outrage” rarely wins battles! So even when Christians are victorious at blunting a particular onerous policy, such obsessions with all things national brings a woeful neglect to the gateways of political influence at the local level. Therefore we are always left to react to what the “bad guys” are doing instead of making them react to us. You can’t play defense all the time and expect to take ground!
This negligence ensures that explicitly Christian thinking candidates are not developed. Hence; the saints are nearly always left outside the political process, first at the local level and then in the larger arenas. Tough we do become expert “rock throwers”! Local political farm systems support the development of national candidates. Where do you think Sarah Palin came from? Was she groomed by a cabal of “New World Order” thinkers? Hardly! She started out as a school board activist! Hence patience over panic, planning over reaction, and intelligent action over protest wins the day!
Yet, most Christians hold to a “top-down” approach to political thought that deleteriously ignores grass-roots foundations. Result? The saints are marginalized as protestors with little if any bite. Indeed, if I had a dime for every sincere saint who said something akin to “I don’t care about this local stuff … look at what Obama is doing to the nation” I would be a very wealthy man indeed.
When you add the varied conspiracy theories to the milieu, the saints are at a huge disadvantage. “Success” is deemed impossible in that even if some measured advance is noted “the conspiracy” either real or imagined will succeed in thwarting any meaningful advance. Hence local politics is seen as naive and without hope for promotion. Yet it will be local politics, state sovereignty issues, governors and business leaders that will determine the outcome of the Obama years, not Federal obsessions, international cabals, or elite effete billionaires!
A Dominion Attitude
A dominion attitude rejects defeatist notions and embraces long term biblical strategies which ensure a “little by little” conversion or defeat of entrenched political adversaries. Some of these strategies include:
1) Training explicitly Christian candidates in issues of civil polity, campaigns, and theology. This is paramount! You can’t beat something with nothing!
2) Building campaign organizations that are not dependent on the party. That is building a self-sustaining entity at every level of campaign involvement. THIS IS IMPERATIVE! More Christian candidates have lost races due to their naive dependence on state party machines than any other single factor. The machine is NOT on your side! No exceptions! Build your own base, over successive elections and watch how effective you become as a power broker for Constitutional causes!
3) Training precinct committeemen for party service. Concentration is on trained Christians who look to control the executive committee and various other committees (finance, public relations, candidate recruitment etc.) with an eventual Christian party chairman that takes seriously his mission to win back and advance basic Christian cultural ideals.
4)  Running races at local and state levels. That is zoning boards, city council, county offices, health boards, school boards, state representative etc. Start with the achievable and LEARN!
5)  Involvement in vital peripheral organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, or start your own think-tank!
6)  Discipleship of existing civil magistrates.
7)  Committees of correspondence and phone/email/fax/blogging networks to bring public pressure to bear on various issues.
8)  Using antithesis both in campaigns and marketing to help define the battlefield in the community. Politics is war by another means! Grow up! Remember Jesus called the scribes and Pharisees “whitewashed tombs and vipers”.
9) After one local county party is sufficiently controlled, branching out into the contiguous counties within the same congressional district.
10) Encourage Christian independents to also run for non-declarative races (city council) and so as to raise up an alternative group of candidates that can assert pressures from outside the  main parties.
11) Start your own business! Especially in an age when entrepreneurism is frowned upon by the Obamaites, what better way to resist and prosper than to start your own business!

Church Recruitment
The average church in America has membership of approximately 190 people. If each church represented on the SGI mailing list were able to activate 10% of their parishioners toward service in the civic realm, a great political force would arise. Now many a churchman decries political involvement. They claim we are not “saved” through politics! To which I agree! But one must ask the question for what end did Christ save us? Certainly he saves us from our sins and sanctifies us for an eternity spent with Him. Nevertheless we are not placed in this life to take up space, but to press His claims in every sphere of life. Politics is of importance because in this age it has become the chief battleground, the place of contest and the great engine of brutish state power. Our involvement in the body politic will be to make poltics of less import through limited government power, greater personal freedom and responsibility, and finally emphasis on family renewal in Christ. In the end we work for a world free from Caesar that we may be free in Christ!


May 26, 2009


By Jeff Ziegler President SGI

From the cancellation of presidential involvement in The National Day of Prayer; to the infamous Notre Dame speech comprised of antichristian subtlety and subterfuge, President Barack Obama has proven his virulent disdain for all things pertaining to life and godliness.

With hell-bent fervor coupled to unbounded hubris, Obama continues his now weekly, frenzied attacks against Christian-American traditions and the bedrock ideals ensconced in our Declaration of Independence, chiefly “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

In the context of The National Day of Prayer; Obama overthrew 57 years of presidential observance by cancelling all White House acknowledgement or public proclamation. His self-righteous response to inquiries regarding his bizarre actions in the NDP matter gyrated around his stated wish to pray in “private.” While no one at SGI would be critical of private prayer; the fact that Obama saw himself as above the public commitment of Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush is beyond arrogance! In a conventional political sense these actions would be seen as incredibly stupid and an unnecessary alienation of the Christian voting-block. But Obama is not stupid! He is very savvy indeed! Hence what we now witness is a deliberate, pre-meditated, and dastardly attack against the last vestiges of Christian influences in our government. Obama has calculated that the risk of doing so will not have fatal political consequences thus meeting his goal of cementing a fascistic-humanist regime without resistance.

Most disturbing are the “fellow-travelers” who name the name of Christ yet who lend aid and comfort to an agenda that will eventually destroy them in detail. Witness the efforts of Notre Dame which as an institution is supposed to stand for the defense of the unborn, yet gave esteemed platform to Obama’s pro-death, pro-abortion schemes. Obama spoke of a mythical “middle- ground” regarding abortion and declared that “people of good conscience” can disagree with civility on the issue. To guilt-ridden, pietistic, peace at all costs saints who hate nothing more than conflict, such mushy sentimentality seemed rationale and palatable. Yet there exists no middle ground as a butchers’ scalpel punctures the skull of an unborn baby. Where is the neutral ground in baby killing? How can a good conscience exist when it comes to the slaughter of the innocent? Yet Obama gets away with such rubbish because far too many “Christians” sacrifice principle for acceptance, a numbed conscience for guilt, and a conflicted intellectual self-absorption for moral clarity!

The staff at SGI experienced the Obama antagonism toward Christianity when we personally delivered our imprecatory prayer proclamation to the White House on April 15th. So we are not surprised at his unyielding attack posture concerning the Faith. What is troubling to us are the gullible minions of the Church who value Obama’s rhetorical magic show over his heinous deeds. What it will take to wake up the vast majority of those who name the name of Christ remains a mystery. But it will take more than outrage to combat Obama’s offensive. That’s why SGI was formed. To help you think critically as a Christian and equip you with the ideas and principles to influence and restore a distinctly Christian culture to America. Next week we will announce a new way in which you can help us spread the word so stay tuned! We’re not going away nor giving up.

Together we will yet see a new golden era of a righteous America standing as a beacon to the rest of the world.


By Jeff Ziegler


To date over 4,000 Americans have died fighting in Iraq since 2003. An additional 700 have perished in Afghanistan over the same time period. Each of these losses represent a grieving family, a life cut short, and a potential never realized. Yet despite the inhuman, dishonorable, fanaticism of the Islamic foe; our casualties, however regrettable are still significantly few in comparison to past conflicts. Perspective must be kept in this regard lest we soften against an Islamic enemy which is armed with advanced weaponry and in some cases boasts nuclear armaments. The specter of hundreds of thousands of Americans dead must never be far from us in the nuclear age!

Perspective must also be kept in defining Iraq and Afghanistan in historic terms. Many constitutionalists as well as liberals have argued that no constitutional justification for combat in either country exits. They assert that both engagements were waged ad hoc by the Bush administration. Yet this is an outright falsehood. Congress authorized both theatres of combat. And that is the point! One that is missing in the whole debate! The war is being waged against Jihadist elements of Islam. Iraq and Afghanistan are simply theatres of the conflict. In WWII the congress declared war against Japan and reciprocated when Hitler declared war on us. HOWEVER congress did not authorize or approve each and every theatre of combat. There was no “Tarawa resolution” or “North Africa bill.” WWII saw our forces fighting in every corner of the world. Separate resolutions were not needed then, nor are they needed now.

One could legitimately debate the strategy of fighting in Iraq just as historians have debated whether or not the Italian campaign of WWII was a wise use of military resources. Yet each theatre was then and is now part of the ONE war. That Bush and Obama have failed to communicate this reality has given birth to a wide range of unnecessary rancor and conspiracy theories. Without perspective we will lose the will to fight an implacable enemy that seeks the eradication of all that we have and all that we are as a people. That would be the chief immorality, to allow our sons and daughters to live under Islamic tyranny. That is an ominous future that must be combated at all costs!

BATTLE PORTFOLIO – The cost of freedom!

MARINES AT TARAWA ATOLL – 3,100 casualties in 3 days.

BATTLE OF THE BULGE – 60,000 casualties in 6 weeks

KOREAN WAR – 53,000 dead in 2 and 1/2 years

VIETNAM WAR – 57,000 dead 1964 – 1975


April 9, 2009

SGI Statesmen Global Initiatives
PO BOX 787


Throughout the land Americans from every walk of life will rally April 15th in cities, towns, and villages to say enough is enough to the runaway spending and abusive taxation of the Obama administration. SGI lends our best efforts to these endeavors. We have included an invocation as listed below for use on these occasions. Please distribute widely and join your local TEA PARTY events.


Jeff Ziegler, President: SGI

Almighty Triune God, in the name of Christ we approach your eternal throne. Our Father, we acknowledge your providence and transcendence, as the one who upholds all things by the word of his power, who is before all things and by whom all things consist. Lord Jesus Christ, we submit ourselves to your benevolent rule, for the earth is yours and the fullness thereof and your name is above all names. Thou art Lord of the nations.

We humbly entreat thy goodness on behalf of these United States of America. May your Crown and Covenant, your Law, govern our affairs with righteousness and equity. Establish us with pure and undefiled religion and may the everlasting gospel diffuse its heavenly light and spread Christian brotherhood, liberty, and peace from sea to shining sea. We pray for our national and state governments, that all branches and departments may be constantly filled with the wisest and best men. Men who fear God and tremble at your Word. For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. May all legislative assemblies be granted thine assistance to reward and advance righteousness, even while abhorring and restraining wickedness. May the administration of justice be in the hands of men well qualified for their offices, men not given to bribery or perverse judgments, which would throw down the bridle and sanction of law. Lord, may our civil magistrates with one voice, establish and defend our Constitution, that we the people may know the blessings of good governance. Lord Christ be in our midst, direct and assist us, impressing our hearts with your fear that we may know your present and future blessings in reward for fidelity to your inscripturated will.

We repent for the myriad of sins, which our Republic and our states have committed against your ways. We repent for the great holocaust of abortion wherein the voice of innocence has been so cruelly dashed by the hardness of our own hearts. We repent for the grievous burdens placed upon our people and injury inflicted to the family by excessive-tyrannical taxation. We repent for governments‚ appetite for living beyond its means and jurisdiction, thus mortgaging our children and our children‚s-children‚s future. God grant us forgiveness and grace to act in accordance with your will. May we be resolute and undaunted to establish uncorrupted morality, and justice for all men. Grant us the vigor to protect and defend life, the voice to herald liberty and the spirit of enterprise in the pursuit happiness.

Finally, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our founding fathers and declare that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God. For such liberties we pledge our lives, our treasures and our honor, to preserve and defend the altar of Liberty. SO HELP US GOD!

Now to Him who rules all things according to his own pleasure and wisdom be praise, honor, glory, and dominion forever and ever, Through Christ Our Lord AMEN.



April 9, 2009

Jeffrey A. Ziegler President: SGI

At the outset let me say that SGI is not a news service as such. We are an interdisciplinary think-tank and seminar training organization as delineated on our website ( . Yet every so often events intersect that demand concerted action on our behalf. To each of the missives below you will find a contact point for action. For news services of value I suggest: LifeNews.Com, OneNewsNow.Com, and

– In yet another demagogic action; President Obama is seeking to reinstate the so-called “assault weapon ban” stating that Americans’ right to bear arms is somehow contributing to the violence in Mexico. Outside of the incongruent logic, the stretch of credulity on how one instance of American freedom leads to Mexican corruption, it is essential that Americans understand the terms and aims of the Obamaites and their shameless exploitation of the Mexican crises. First, the Obamaites are not really trying to ban “assault weapons.” Assault weapons are full- automatic machine guns that were banned in 1933! What the Obamaites are really after are ALL semi-automatic weapons whether or not they have a military “look.” Ironically, the Mexican drug cartels DON’T USE SEMI-AUTOMATICS! They use MACHINE GUNS! If anything Americans along the border states should be buying more semi-automatic firearms, not less, so as to protect themselves from cross-border violence. So don’t be fooled! Logic, law-enforcement, and safety have nothing to do with the ban attempt. It boils down to he who has the guns makes the rules. Heed the warning of founding father Patrick Henry “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” To fight the Obamaite encroachment get in touch with LARRY PRATT at Gun Owners of America at 703-321-8585 and tell him you heard the news from SGI and Jeff Ziegler.

– In a recent Missouri cross-agency study, Gov. Jay Nixon’s highway patrol listed the traits and ideologies of likely “violent resistors” to his state and other Federal initiatives that seek to curtail liberties. NIXON’S LIST is disturbing in that most of the readers of this narrative probably qualify! According to Nixon’s people: you’re a socially degenerative violent person if 1) You are Pro-Life 2) Support Rep. Ron Paul for President 3) Are anti-illegal immigration 4) Don’t support The United Nations 5) Home-School 6) Go to church more than once per week 7) Are pro-Second Amendment etc. Just on this abbreviated list (there is more), I know a LOT OF GUILTY PEOPLE! As of this week Missouri has pulled down the complete list reference from their website and the Governor is blaming the previous administration for the inflammatory report. (Don’t they all?). To voice your complaint contact MSHP at:

– The most alarming of all recent liberty encroachments hails from the state of Connecticut. In February a resolution was introduced into the Connecticut House of Representatives that promoted the creation of a state board of directors to run The Roman Catholic Church of Connecticut. The board would effectively decapitate Bishops and Priests from running their parishes. Just a note: this particular diocese was one of the most vocal against the election of Barack Obama. Now many of my Protestant friends won’t care because this was an anti-Catholic initiative. To these friends I point out that the rationale for the proposal was to muzzle the pro-life voice that resisted the Obamaites. So beware because they will come for your church next assuming your congregation has the courage to stand in the public square. For now the resolution has been “tabled” pending future consideration. For more information contact Raymond Arroyo at

BETTER START THINKING! – The article below was sent to me by SGI board member Rev. Bruce Moore.

Family of Irving ‘Bud’ Feldkamp, Owner of the Nation’s Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chain, Dies in Montana Plane Crash

Contact: Gingi Edmonds,, 559-772-7911

MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Some of you may have seen the major news story of the private plane that crashed into a Montana cemetery, killing 7 children and 7 adults.

But what the news sources fail to mention is that the Catholic Holy Cross Cemetery owned by Resurrection Cemetery Association in Butte – contains a memorial for local residents to pray the rosary, at the ‘Tomb of the Unborn’. This memorial, located a short distance west of the church, was erected as a dedication to all babies who have died because of abortion.

What else is the mainstream news not telling you? The family who died in the crash near the location of the abortion victim’s memorial, is the family of Irving ‘Bud’ Feldkamp, owner of the largest for-profit abortion chain in the nation.

Family Planning Associates was purchased four years ago by Irving Moore “Bud” Feldkamp III, owner of Allcare and Hospitality Dental Associates and CEO of Glen Helen Raceway Park in San Bernardino. The 17 California Family Planning clinics perform more abortions in the state than any other abortion provider – Planned Parenthood included – and they perform abortions through the first five months of pregnancy.

Although Feldkamp is not an abortionist, he reaps profits of blood money from the tens of thousands of babies that are killed through abortions performed every year at the clinics he owns. His business in the abortion industry was what enabled him to afford the private plane that was carrying his family to their week-long vacation at The Yellowstone Club, a millionaires-only ski resort.

The plane went down on Sunday, killing two of Feldkamp’s daughters, two sons-in-law and five grandchildren along with the pilot and four family friends. The plane, a single-engine turboprop flown by Bud Summerfield of Highland, crashed into the Catholic cemetery and burst into flames, only 500 ft. from its landing destination. All aboard were killed.

The cause of the crash is a mystery. The pilot, who was a former military flier who logged over 2,000 miles, gave no indication to air traffic controllers that the aircraft was experiencing difficulty when he asked to divert to an airport in Butte. Witnesses report that the plane suddenly nosedived toward the ground with no apparent signs of a struggle. There was neither a cockpit voice recorder nor a flight data recorder on board, and no radar clues into the planes final moments because the Butte airport is not equipped with a radar facility. Some speculate that the crash was due to ice on the wings, but this particular plane model has been tested for icy weather and experts have stated that ice being the cause is unlikely.

In my time working for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, I helped organize and conduct a weekly campaign where youth activists stood outside of Feldkamp’s mini-mansion in Redlands holding fetal development signs and raising community awareness regarding Feldkamp’s dealings in child murder for profit. Every Thursday afternoon we called upon Bud and his wife Pam to repent, seek God’s blessing and separate themselves from the practice of child killing.

We warned him, for his children’s sake, to wash his hands of the innocent blood he assisted in spilling because, as Scripture warns, if “you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you” (Ezekiel 35:6).

A news source states that Bud Feldkamp visited the site of the crash with his wife and their two surviving children on Monday. As they stood near the twisted and charred debris talking with investigators, light snow fell on the tarps that covered the remains of their children.

I don’t want to turn this tragic event into some creepy spiritual ‘I told you so’ moment, but I think of the time spent outside of Feldkamp’s – Pam Feldkamp laughing at the fetal development signs, Bud Feldkamp trying not to make eye contact as he got into his car with a small child in tow – and I think of the haunting words, ‘Think of your children.’ I wonder if those words were haunting Feldkamp as well as he stood in the snow among the remains of loved ones, just feet from the ‘Tomb of the Unborn’?

I only hope and pray that in the face of this tragedy, Feldkamp recognizes his need for repentance and reformation. I pray that God will use this unfortunate catastrophe to soften the hearts of Bud and Pam and that they will draw close to the Lord and wash their hands of the blood of thousands of innocent children, each as precious and irreplaceable as their own.

“I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then” (Deut. 30:19).

Gingi Edmonds is a freelance pro-life activist, writer and photographer based out of Hanford, California. Gingi writes a bi-monthly ProLife Opinion Column and is available for pro-life presentations and speaking engagements. Visit for more information.


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