Together we are engaged in a grand adventure for future generations of Americans!

February 16, 2009

Take heart today. God is the sovereign over all. The last three elections have proven that a divided America exists. Yet even among the more traditionally “conservative” sectors of our nation, very few are self-conscience as to the immutable orthodox Christian and western ideals that built our great civilization. These notions are not amorphous or ill-defined in nature, but are instead robust concrete principles that have been and will again be transforming to all cultural opinions. What we proclaim are not nationalistic feel-good notions that herald a bygone era; but instead bedrock confessional orthodox thinking that touch economics, enterprise, government, ethics, education, and family. Nor will our efforts be marked by an ivory-towered think-tank motif, but will feature vigorous outreach in seminars, media, training, and action.

As you will see, our action plan announcement exhibits more than a resistance to the current statist-collectivist regime, but deals with the endemic conditions conditions which allowed our current malady to exist. In this light, our efforts will engage corporate America, including some of the largest enterprises throughout our country. We will instruct Capitol Hill staffers as well as the myriad of allied think tanks in our nation’s capitol. Our plan takes in the largest churches and seminaries in both Catholic and Protestant realms and also Heralds grand opportunities now open to us at various colleges and universities and even public high schools. The sports world is also an open and effectual door for us with many coaches that are allied with our vision.

Through our many years in public and private sector activities, combined with ecclesiastical alliances and national marketing/electronic media; we are poised for a national effort that all of you may participate in and restore our nation to its former glory under God. Read on and join us at SGI. Together we are engaged in a grand adventure for future generations of Americans!

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