Nine Planks

nine012Government – We have a long track record on Capitol Hill training staffers, think-tanks, as well as 6 states, 3 provinces in Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom. SGI will formalize and intensify our US efforts to build a Washington hub of freedom loving congressmen, senators and staff. Publications, speeches, and small group training of staff are the primary engines in this realm.

nine021Business and Commerce
– Orthodox economic seminars based on Fredrick Bastiat and the Austrian school is our specialty at SGI.  Our contacts range some of the largest corporations in North America. Wealth creation in a hostile atmosphere will help companies survive and thrive even with the increased government interference that has dominated the scene in recent years. 

nine03Healthcare Policy and Technology
– Free market innovations, ethically sound and dynamic policies will be brought to all facets and departments in both the Federal and state governments. These include technology on both the payer and treatment sides of health, life affirming initiatives, alternative solutions, parental freedom, and maximum efforts to thwart bureaucratic centralized interferences. SGI has a combined 80 years of experience in this arena.

nine04Free Enterprise
– Economic theory to practicum dealing with entrepreneurship and ethics. We believe helping people start their own businesses will unleash the genius of the American people, promote self-reliance, and thwart the dependence mentality that has engorged the nanny state. The SGI approach will feature motivational seminars open to the public with strong media coverage.

– Seminars in large influence churches, seminaries, and universities in both Catholic and Protestant spheres that deal with the renaissance of Western Culture. The importance of having a comprehensive Worldview is the paramount theme for SGI. We stress that it’s not a question of vision or no vision only a question of whose vision carries the day. Having the right vision along with its application in family and pro-life policy is crucial to the survival of the United States.

063Church – Here we emphasize seminars featuring Confessional orthodoxy to forge a stronger alliance between Catholics and Protestants. The first four ecumenical creeds of the church (Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian, and Chalcedon) and their combined effect on culture are a far more powerful foundation for practical unity than any one particular cause. These creeds are the foundation for Western thought. The applications from the same will be a major theme for SGI.

071History – American exceptionalism and our unique heritage must be regained as a common theme in our land. SGI will show through seminars and publications our role is not morally equivalent with all other nations of the world. Herein we have a singular opportunity to reach high schools throughout the country with assemblies that combine our experience in athletics and Capitol Hill “sizzle” into an informative exciting display to recapture our youth with immutable truth.

nine08Athletics – Ethical notions of winning, team, competition, sacrifice, moral courage, honor, camaraderie are all under assail in the modern sports world. Athletics is a key component of our culture and can only be ignored to our detriment. The Apostle Paul said that we should strive for mastery lawfully. Relearning this culture is a major thrust at SGI. Through various alliances some of the top coaches in the land will be given platform to promote excellence in a time of mediocrity.

nine09Education, Art and Music – Everything here revolves around having Divine meaning vs. Nihilism. Teaching such traditions and forming a paradigm of thought that evokes purpose, beauty, and excellence in all things will be a major theme at SGI. Using our combined platforms we will promote productions, programs, media and publications that affirm the ideals we promote in entertainment and the arts.

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