SGI Board Members

Jeff ZieglerJeffrey A. Ziegler has taught in 1,000 Catholic parishes and Protestant churches. This includes 18 denominations among Protestants alone. In the private sector, Ziegler has worked with some of the largest corporations in North America, the UK, Germany and South Africa as a business development consultant. Finally, in the realm of government he has influenced elected officials and staffers from three nations for the last 30 years having initiated legislative actions and reforms and has advocated for advanced technology solutions in healthcare and national defense. Additionally, he has organized support groups among Capitol Hill staff and training seminars for the same.

Gary HumbleGary Humble is an advocate for special needs kids and adoption. A true pro-life leader, he and his wife Mona have adopted special needs children and have been involved in political grass-roots for over the past 30 years. Gary is considered one of the top efficiency experts in business and has lectured across the nation in multi-disciplined leadership forums. He is also widely published and serves on numerous community boards.

Bruce MooreBruce Moore is a pastor, political activist and pro-life leader. He leads a large church in Southern Ohio that exerts a regional influence over three counties. Moore has impacted two congressional districts, county and city government as well as business and commerce. His leadership has generated numerous corporate, professional, and educational initiatives that have changed ethics in the positive throughout the tri-county area. Moore stands as one of the great clergy in our generation.

ronyoungHon. Ronald Edward Young is a former Ohio State Representative, Chairman of the Labor and Commerce Committee. President of Technical Employment Services. Ron is a successful entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. He has successfully combined his faith with business and public service. As a legislator he successfully championed many pro-life, pro-family, pro-free enterprise initiatives that are still in effect today. We are privileged to have Ron on board at SGI.

Darrell MullinsDarrel Mullins is a theologian, marketing expert, and talented musician. His contacts and interactions within the Country Western music world are comprehensive in scope and impact. His wide range of experience includes 20 years of sales and marketing expertise, extensive military credentials and time spent providing security for Presidents Ford and Carter. Based in Nashville, Mullins is strategically positioned for SGI to impact the music world.

Jay RogersJay Rogers is a media producer who has two decades of experience in missionary outreach. He has published Christian newspapers for college campuses both in the US and Russia. His knowledge and experience in video production has spawned several highly regarded videos. His ability to communicate through media reaches the “iconographic” generation and will remain one of SGI’s great strengths

Jim CyrusJim Cyrus is a successful entrepreneur and pro-life activist. His business reach is national and ranges over a number of different silos and disciplines. He is an advocate for visually impaired businessmen and is an expert in Randolph-Sheppard Act policies.

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